TMI Tuesday: Mish-Mosh B’Gosh

1. What did you do with your very first paycheck?
Hmmm…I don’t know if I really remember. I probably put some of it in the bank, and used the rest for clothes and gas.

2. Besides paying recurring bills, What did you do with your last paycheck?
I bought groceries, and paid for movie tickets and popcorn. Kong Skull Island was awesome in the theater.

3. There is only one bricks ‘n’ mortar store allowed to remain within 200 miles of your home. What type of store would you want this to be? You can name a type of store or the specific name of a store.
If there could only be one store, much as I hate to say it, I’d pick Walmart SuperCenter. That way I’d be able to get groceries and most everything else I’d need that wasn’t online.

4. You are only allowed and able to access one website for an entire year. What website do you choose to be your one and only?
Definitely . Kind of like Walmart, I’d be able to get food, books, and almost everything I thought I had to have for the year, plus my streaming movies, music, and books.

5. What makes you cringe–in life, at work, in the bedroom?
In life, people that spit everywhere.
At work, another meeting added to my calendar.
In the bedroom, there’s not anything I can think of right off that makes me cringe.

6. What can you do better–in life, at work, in the bedroom?
In life, I can do better at making myself happy.
At work, I can do better at organizing my time.
In the bedroom, I can do better at not stealing (too much of) the covers.

Bonus: If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?
On a topless beach on some remote island, basking in the sun.



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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Mish-Mosh B’Gosh

  1. I love your bonus answer, mine was a bit snarky.
    Having just come back recently from Cancun I’m thinking that maybe the beach wouldn’t be a bad place to be (again) at all.