Wicked Wednesday: 50

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Édouard-Henri Avril [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

50 ways to please me…

Talk with me often
Make me smile
Cuddle with me
Let me pick the movie
Help me make dinner
Help with the chores
Send me some flowers
Be passionate
Pull off my lingerie
Fill the tub with bubbles
Wash my back
Look deep in my eyes
Nibble on my ears
Give a kiss on my lips
Kiss me deep
Give me some tongue
Run your fingers through my hair
Pinch my nipples
Squeeze my breasts
Suck on my toes
Tickle my side
Play a game with me
Tie me with silk
Blindfold and bind me
Kiss behind my knees
Stroke my thigh
Finger me hard
Suck on my clit
Spank my ass
Fuck me on the desk
Take me in the ass
Let me be in charge
Ride me hard
Fuck me from behind
Cum deep inside me
Slap my ass
Give me multiple orgasms
Try out that new toy
Hit my G-spot
Love me all night
Make me squirt
Blow my mind
Tell me you love me
Give me pillow talk
Bring me breakfast in bed
Be there for me
Hold me close
Hold me tight
Never let me go
Love me forever


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3 Responses to Wicked Wednesday: 50

  1. And what a wonderful 50 x

  2. So many things in here that I want too 🙂

    Sexy list!

    Rebel xox

  3. mmm sounds like a wonderful list of things to do