TMI Tuesday: Computer Behavior

1. Do you access the Internet on a your own computer or a shared computer?
Sometimes on a shared computer, but mostly on my laptop, which nobody else uses.

2. Do you regularly browse web sites that you would prefer your significant other (or your mother!) not know about?
Well, that’s really two different answers. My husband – no, there aren’t any sites I would care that he saw.

3. Do you have browser bookmarks for sites you would prefer no one else know about??
I’m sure I have a few – I have an insane amount of bookmarks, but there’s also plenty of sites that I visit frequently that I don’t need to bookmark at all.

4. Do you clear your browser history? If yes, how often?
I do sometimes. I’d say maybe once a month or so.

5. Do you use “incognito windows” for some of your browsing??
Yes – for various reasons. Sometimes if I’m working, I’ll launch an incognito window as I need to use two different logins. Other times, I’ll use it to browse porn.

6. Do you overwrite deleted files??
Yes, usually.

7. How often do you total shut down your home computer? Tablet??
It depends. Typically I shut down my laptop every morning and restart it at night. On the weekends, I usually just put it to sleep.

8. Do you have one or more pseudonyms that you use on the web? How many? What do you use them for??
Yes, I have a few…I’d say 3? I mostly use them for reviewing.

9. How many email accounts do you have? Why?
Hmm…I’m not sure how many I have. I’d guess at least 20. Mostly it’s different emails for different things (personal email, contests, etc).

Bonus: Do you use any of the following sites? Which ones? What makes them work for you?? SnapChat, Chaturbate, OKCupid, Ashley Madison, Tinder, Down, 3nder, Pure.
I’ve never used any of them, although I’ve thought about SnapChat.




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One Response to TMI Tuesday: Computer Behavior

  1. Wow you have me beat with all the emails you have. I thought five was a lot. Great answers!