TMI Tuesday: One Track Mind

By Northwalker (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Northwalker (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

More questions about every TMI-er’s favorite topic courtesy of recusen.

1. Which of the following best describes your view of sex??
a) Ritual?
b) Game?
c) Performance
?d) Adventure
?e) Other
Hmm…it really depends on the day. Usually I’d say it was an adventure and a performance, but there are occasions when it’s like a game, and when it’s somewhat of a ritual.

2. What is your view of spontaneous vs. planned sex??
a) Spontaneous is always better.?
b) Spontaneous sex seems rushed to me. I prefer a little warning to prepare mentally and/or physically.?
c) I enjoy the anticipation before planned sex.?
d) In my life circumstances, planning is required.
I love spontaneous sex, but I there’s something about anticipating having sex that can get me wet. So, I will go with c).

3. At the beginning of sex, what is your most immediate worry?
?a) It will take too long.?
b) It will be over too soon.?
c) You will be interrupted.?
d) You will fail to please your partner.
?e) Your partner will fail to please you.
?f) Something will cause pain.
?g) There is gong to be a discussion/argument about something.
I don’t have a lot of worries at the beginning of sex, but when I do have any, I think it would be c).

4. At the beginning of sex, what happy result are you looking forward to most?
?a) Pure physical pleasure and orgasm.?
b) Pure emotional pleasure at being intimate with your partner.?
c) Pleasing your partner.?
d) A feeling of closeness to your partner afterward.?
e) Not being so horny afterward.
I value the emotional pleasure and the feeling of closeness, and I do like pleasing my partner, but I most look forward to the physical pleasure and the release of orgasm.

5) After sex, how long until you start looking forward to the next time?
Usually pretty much immediately.

Bonus:  Your ideal date would be
?a. pizza and a movie?
b. hot dog and a ball game?
c. picnic and a bike ride
?d. candlelight dinner
I like all of those – but c) and d) are always great dates.

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