TMI Tuesday: Sex In Art

By Miniature (Kotah State Rajasthan) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By Miniature (Kotah State Rajasthan) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Would you take or have you taken a sexually themed vacation getaway (i.e., Hedonism, Club Fantasy Island, Cap d’Agde)? Why or why not?
This is something I haven’t done yet, but I’d love to. The Hedonism club looks rather fun, as does the cruise, although even getting one of the wild rooms at Planet Hollywood in Vegas and renting a Sybian would be pretty sex-themed. I could have wall-to-wall sex in one of those rooms.Even for just a few days, this kind of vacation would be rather hot.

2. You have won an erotic fantasy weekend getaway package custom fit to your needs. Describe the fantasy you desire.
Hmmm….well, let’s see. I’d love to have a room at a tropical location. The room would be filled with plants, flowers, and would have a private pool and hot tub, as well as a spa room. Attendants would cater to all of my needs and the needs of my partner, all drinks and food included. We could spend the day lazing and fucking about the villa, or go for walks on the beach for some sand or water sex. We’d have no phone and no interruptions for the entire time, and pretty much anything would go.

3. An artist has decided that you are his/her inspiration. They want to capture the essence of your sexiness in a sculpture. What would that sculpture look like? Describe it for us or post a photo of an existing sculpture that you believe closely captures the essence of your sexiness.
I loved the pictures of sculptures (the two in #4 and the bonus) from this TMI Tuesday post, which are sculptures from Jeju Love Land in South Korea. Looking over their other sculptures, I decided on the one below, which I think expresses desire, arousal, and sexiness:

By Lcmarshal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Lcmarshal (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

4. You are being paid 500,000 USD to pose as a live nude model mimicking one of sculptures in the photo below. Which sculpture will you recreate live? Why?


Sculptures in Jeju Love Land (borrowed from TMI Tuesday

Can I do all three? They’d all be rather fun to recreate, but I think I’d go for number 3. Did I mention I have an oral fixation?

5. Which book title fits your current thoughts of love, sex or romance??
a. No More Silly Love Songs?
b. The Joy of the Quickie?
c. Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription?
d. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
None of them, really….but the closest would be, I think, c) Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription

Bonus: Which one is you? See the sculpture below. Tell us which position you would like to occupy and write a caption.


Sculptures in Jeju Love Land (borrowed from TMI Tuesday

I’d like to be either of the women….can I take turns in those positions? That would be fucking hot. My caption: I Can Get Some….Satisfaction

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4 Responses to TMI Tuesday: Sex In Art

  1. I love your erotic fantasy getaway! Now that’s the kind of getaway that my husband and I strive for all the time (but have yet to get it – maybe this coming month in Jamaica). Oh, and we want to try Hedonism at least once too!

  2. that beautiful silver woman sculpture is pure gold!

    the first pic up there reminds me of The Joy of Sex.

  3. Oops typo in my own name…lol


  4. Sammi,
    I like the art work you shared plus it is fun to try and figure out what body parts are going where 😀

    2. You and I want the same kind of fantasy weekend.

    3. Lovely capture, amazing sculpture.

    4. All three? Greedy girl or pure exhibitionist 🙂

    Happy TMI Tuesday,