Kink Of The Week : Marks

After a particularly painful session...

After a particularly painful session…

Marks – I’ve certainly had my share. When I was younger, having a mark usually meant having a hickey, and boy did I have some dark and painful ones. The kind that even makeup wouldn’t hide effectively, but a band-aid or high-necked shirt usually would. That was until we got smart (maybe), and my breasts would be virtually black and blue. I used to give them to my partner sometimes, usually on that wonderful area by his penis, on his hips.

When we started kinky play, marks took on a different meaning. Since, as I’ve mentioned, I have this lovely skin condition where I can hang on to marks for literally hours (not bruises, mind you, although those stay forever as well) – even the trail of a fingernail against my skin will cause a red line for that long), leaving marks can be quite interesting. For myself, sometimes I like to see them on my skin – I have to look in the mirror to see my very red, and often very warm, ass. Sometimes it will just be a red area or a handprint from a spanking, and other times it will have more lines and marks, depending on what my partner was doing. The only other place I have marks sometimes is on by breasts or back – and all of these are easily concealable.

I don’t have a fetish for marks – I think they’re more of a turn on for my partner, but I can take them or leave them. They’re just an outcome of what we do, although I will hold off on the allergy pill if I know we’re going to get a bit more intense so that they’ll last longer for him to look at. I don’t think this is really a fetish of his, though – it’s just a way for him to enjoy what he’s done.


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