When IVs Go Bad

One thing that’s always made our BDSM play interesting is how easily I bruise, and how easily my skin holds on to marks. Recently I had the fun of visiting the hospital, and got to have a total of 3 (yes, 3) different IVs put in. The first one they put in my right hand, but the tube thing in my vein was too far down towards my wrist, so every time I moved or bent my wrist it bent the tube and the machine would beep because the line was kinked. So, in their infinite wisdom, they decided to do my arm, between my wrist and elbow. This, as you might guess, did not work, so after a few hours they put the IV in my left hand, and with the tube not so far down it didn’t kink.  The hands? Did not bruise at all.  My arm? Looked like I took a beating. To top it off, the bruise lasted a whopping 16 days.  The pic is from the day after I got home from the hospital, and this is pretty much what it looked like until a few days ago, when it looked more like a drunk vampire tried to suck my wrist and gave me a hickey.


2 Responses to When IVs Go Bad

  1. Oh my gosh, 16 days, that’s awful! 🙁