With a Revel Yell, You’ll Cry “More, more, more…”

I really love clitoral vibes, probably more than internal vibes. Of course, an internal and external at the same time are optimal, but if I can only have one, clitoral it is. I’d been looking at the Revel Body for some time, and was thrilled that SheVibe and Revel Body sent me one for free to review, along with all four attachments, in exchange for an unbiased review.

bodyallboxesThe Revel Body comes in a nice box that can be used for storage.  Inside the box are the unit, one attachment (or insert), a charging base, USB wall adapter, and usage manual, which notes the one year warranty against manufacturer defects. Each additional attachment comes in a nice box as well – the box base is slightly magnetized to hold them in place.

bodyandallattachmentsThis is an unusual toy, in that it’s a Sonic vibrator and contains magnets. And these aren’t just magnets – they’re very, very strong. The magnets hold the inserts inside the core, and there’s no chance they’ll come out on accident! Quite a few warnings about the magnets are included in the instruction manual, including that they shouldn’t be handled or used by anyone with a pacemaker, metallic bodybaseimplant, electromagnetic implants, or near body piercings. They’re also strong enough to harm magnetic media, so they shouldn’t go anywhere near your computer, credit card, hard drives, or your cell phones.  So see that USB wall adapter that the Revel Body comes with? Use it – I wouldn’t suggest plugging it into your computer.

The five attachments, or inserts, whichever you want to call them, all have a silver body with a fuschia tip and fit easily into the main unit. They should always be

Original included attachment.

Original included attachment.

inserted into the side that doesn’t have the light ring or buttons, and removed by pushing the small flat end firmly with your finger until you can grasp the pink side under its head to pull it out.

Each attachment is about 1” in diameter at the point they fit into the base. The attachment that the Revel Body comes with has a rounded top, and is pretty flush with the surface.  The Fawn top is flat and covered with soft and flexible 1/2″ long nubs. The Ever top is a disc with evenly spaced concentric circles and a dip in the center. The Cona looks like a lampshade and has a 1/2″ diameter opening on the top. Lastly, the Niko looks like Cona, but has a closed, rounded top.

bodychargeportThe Body may come charged – Revel recommends charging before the first use. When seated in the charging base correctly, the light around the opening will glow. A full charge time is about 90 minutes, and it takes about twice as long to charge as the unit has been used. So, if you used it for 15 minutes and charge it, it should be done in about ½ hour. The Body can’t be overcharged, so you can leave it in the charger, and it can hold a full charge for up to a year. If you don’t use it for a month or more, charge it fully before use. The light around the opening will go out once the Body is fully charged, and when it’s turned on, the light will flash: 3 flashes mean it’s fully charged, 2 mean it’s at a 50% charge, and 1 means it’s down to about 25% charged.

bodylightedThis is pretty simple to operate. The Revel Body has 3 buttons: +, -, and On/Off (the center button). Pressing the On/Off button will turn it on and cause the core to vibrate – holding it for 2 seconds will turn it off. The + button increases the speed of vibrations, while the – decreases it. You can press and hold the buttons to move rapidly up and down the 10 speeds. Tapping the On/Off button will change the Body from low power (with dimly glowing light) to high power (brightly glowing light). The Body will keep the settings, both for speed and power, from its last use.

bodynoinsertThe Revel Body works best if you hold it loosely against the area you’re stimulating – pressing hard dampens the vibrations.  It can be used over panties, and can also be used in a condom for sharing purposes. It’s pretty quiet, but if it seems noisy or rattles, the core can be lubed with water-based lubricant or petroleum jelly, or it can be briefly held under running water: the water will also help dampen the sound.

It’s pretty easy to clean: turn it off, remove the core, and wash both the core and unit separately with soap and warm water, toy cleaner, or alcohol, rinse, and dry off. The core can be reinserted, and the contacts on the unit should be completely dry before placing it on the recharging station. The inside of the unit, where the core is inserted, should be wiped clean to make sure no metal particles are adhering to it. The pieces should not be put in the dishwasher or boiled. The Body can be stored in its storage box, or in a storage bag, and should be stored out of sunlight.

bodyoriginalinsertThe Revel Body has one of the longest safeguard and warning sections I think I’ve ever seen with a toy. Some of the warnings are standard or not unusual: use only externally; let it adapt to new conditions if traveling before using and check for water or condensation; don’t keep it in the sun;  don’t use it if it’s broken; don’t use under blankets that can cause overheating; don’t touch charging contacts to any part of the body; don’t get the base near water or wet. Some other warnings worth noting: don’t use it on loose skin, skin with medicated lotion on it, or on eyes, eyelids, bones, soft tissue, broken skin, near the base of the skull or on the upper neck, or on calf pain; don’t use more than 15 minutes on any area of the body; don’t use extremely hot or cold water.

So, Did It Work? I will admit some of the warnings surprised me, and the 15 minutes of use one was probably one of my biggest concerns (I was intending to use this pretty much one place only – clitorally, and I don’t have implants or piercings, other than my ears to worry about, but I have been known to have very long, intimate, happy sessions with my vibrators).  Knowing not to use it more than 15 minutes in one spot is fine, but the instructions don’t tell you how long you have to wait before going back to that spot, or what exactly will happen if you go over the time limit.  I did try it in a few other places as well, with different power results.

Ever Attachment

Ever Attachment

The magnets are incredibly strong. The core isn’t the easiest thing to get out of the unit – it’s not hard, but you do have to give it a firm push, as it wants to stay seated inside. This is a good thing, as you know the core won’t be coming out during use. When I went to clean it before using it the first time, I removed the core, and when I went to rinse it off, it attached itself with a clink to the wall of my sink!  I’ll definitely be heeding the warnings about getting any part of this near my computer, phone, or purse, and glad they included the USB wall adapter, as that’s how I’ll be charging it.


Fawn Attachment

So, on to using the Revel Body. When I first turned it on, it gave me the three flashing lights, so I knew it was fully charged.  Before using it anywhere else, I wanted to use it clitorally, so I settled down with some porn and gave it a go, starting with the tip that came with the unit.  It’s certainly easy to hold, and comfortable enough in my hand – just the right size for me.  It’s also very quiet, although a bit louder on low settings.

My biggest revelation was that I much preferred this on the lower levels than the high ones (either low power, or high power), whereas normally I’m all about turning something on high and going to town. The sensation was far more rumbly and stimulating to me. On the higher levels, all of the wonderful rumbliness went away. I could feel it, but it didn’t do anything for me. On low, though – very nice. It did work better when I didn’t put

Cona Attachment

Cona Attachment

much pressure on my clit – on low levels, the sensations changed and weren’t as stimulating with pressure as they were without, while on the higher settings it didn’t make too much of a difference. I tried out all four attachments, and clitorally I enjoyed the Fawn and Niko the best. The Fawn’s nubs felt fantastic, and the Niko was the most pinpoint for me. It was also hard to not apply a lot of pressure with this one, but both of them got me off.

My partner tried this out on my nipples, where I liked the vibrations on a higher level – the rumbly was gone, but the feel of the vibrations was nice, particularly when using the Ever or the original attachment. My partner liked the way the Cona felt – his nipples are much smaller than mine, and he liked the way it cupped around them. He liked the moderate to high levels of vibration for this.

Niko Attachment

Niko Attachment

Lastly, we tried back massage. Again, I liked the vibrations on a higher level. It felt wonderfully relaxing. My partner liked all the levels, especially when I’d start on low and go up to high as the massage progressed.  Both of us preferred the original attachment as well as the Ever for this use.

While I’ll use this more clitorally, I do see us using this for massage and foreplay quite a bit, and I’m glad we have the different attachments for the different uses.  It’ll be one I travel with as well, although it won’t be going in my purse. This is a pricey toy, so being able to use it in a variety of ways is a big plus. Will you like this? Maybe – it depends on the type of vibrations you like, as well as the type of surface you like and how much pressure you need to use.

Thank you to Revel Body and SheVibe for sending this to me for free to review! If you’d like to try the Revel Body and its attachments, you can pick one up at SheVibe by clicking the banner below.

This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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