Santa’s Strokin’ It

A while back, Gary won the Weekly Review Rumble at EdenFantasys with his review of Sheeparella. Seriously funny! Since it was “Wild Card Week”, he used the gift card to send the four of us who came in second a perverted wind-up toy instead (and not a sheep, thankfully. I’m not sure how I’d explain that one). Thanks, Gary! I was sent the Christmas themed toy – the Wind Up Strokin’ Santa from PipeDreams.

Strokin’ Santa comes displayed under a plastic bubble on a red and white cardboard tag. Santa is visible, with his prick loosely grasped in his hand.  Underneath, as if there could be any doubt, the packaging proclaims “’Ol Saint Nick, Strokin’ His Prick!”

This wind-up toy has his side knob accessible with him still in the package, which also announces “TRY ME!”. Well, how can you resist? A few quick turns of the knob and you can watch Santa stroke his enormous plastic penis, up and down, with his right hand.

I’m not sure if that means he’s a lefty or a righty, but he gets down to business for close to 20 seconds before he runs out of juice and stops stroking. Just turn the winder 7 times till he’s at maximum stroking capacity.

Strokin’ Santa is about 5” tall. He’s pretty slim ( I suspect that’s so he can reach that cock he’s strokin’), with an overly pink face and white beard, flesh colored hands, and flesh colored cock and balls. He wears a red hat and suit accented with black belt and boots. Santa’s made of plastic, so he’s hard all over, especially where it counts. Three small visible screws hold him together in the back.

His cock is huge, relatively speaking, at about 1” long from its tip to its balls.  It reaches up over the belt of his pants. The wind-up is on his left side.

The Strokin’ Santa is poseable, with his legs moving at the hips, and his arms at the shoulders. Unfortunately, his knees and elbows don’t bend.   His head bobs slightly while he strokes.

Want to see him stroke standing up? He can do that. He can also lean forwards at an angle, resting his free hand on his sleigh or maybe a reindeer while doing his business. He’ll tip over this way if not balancing himself on another object with his hand. He can also sit straddle on the ground.

Strokin’ Santa is a bit noisy, but he sounds no different than other wind-up toys. He’s cheesy and corny, and pretty humerous – just don’t let the kids see. And don’t wind him up in front of the dogs. They may decide he’s a cleverly disguised chew bone, and just one crunch will stop Strokin’ Santa from pleasuring himself ever again.

Strokin’ Santa was provided to me free of charge for review from EdenFantasys. For your amusement, you can get one of your very own from EdenFantasys by clicking here.

Ho, ho, ho!
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Special features: Bachelorette party, Birthday party

This product was provided to me free of charge by EdenFantasys in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  6. too funny

  7. mylittlekinkyworld

    That is such a creepy Santa. I don't know if I'd want to add that to my Christmas decoration collection. 😛