Fantasy Friday – Toes

You like my feet. When they’re wearing high heels, with the arch stretched just so, and a stiletto heel so sharp it could cut glass.  When they’re in flip flops or sandals, and my toes are bare to the air. You like them without shoes most of all, so you can see my toes. It all comes down to the toes.

You like to watch me paint my toenails. Red is your favorite, and you like to watch as I dip the brush in the polish and then carefully – oh so carefully – paint the color on the nails. The polish is shiny when it dries.

You like my toes the best. When my feet are up in the air, you like to suck on my toes while you fuck me on the bed.  You lick and suck my toes while your cock slides in and out of my cunt, and my toes are as wet with your saliva as your cock is with me.

I’m ready for you .

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