All I Want For Christmas…

Dear Babeland,

All I want for Christmas ….is the Freestyle vibrator from OhMiBod.
I really, really want this sex toy for several reasons.  It pulses to the beat of music, and what better way to get off then to the stirring sounds of Metallica or Marilyn Manson?  It’s also wireless, so I wouldn’t have to plug it in to my iPod.  And waterproof?  I want!
I’m especially deserving of this sexy toy because I’ve been  extra naughty this year.  I’ve been filmed having sex (multiple times) and I’m getting my partner off quite nicely.  Shame on me!
Please, Babeland, send me this for Christmas! 
Yours truly,

2 Responses to All I Want For Christmas…

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  2. Aww, they'll give you one! I'm sure!