Foxy, Foxy – What’s It Going to Be?

I love cuffs of all sorts. While I’m probably more partial to separate cuffs that can be linked apart as necessary, on occasion playing with handcuffs can be fun. While I love the look and feel of metal handcuffs, sometimes it’s fun to play more on the softer side. Or at least look that way.

 The Foxtails Faux Fur handcuffs are a cute set of cuffs. They come in an easy to open clamshell case. My cuffs came in mink, which describes the color of the fur. The fur is black and somewhat long, and fairly soft to the touch while still feeling like animal fur rather than plush fake furs. It lines the interior of each cuff, while the exterior of the cuffs is black.

Each cuff is 10” long, and since they secure with Velcro are pretty adjustable. The cuffs have an interesting closure, with a double Velcro strap. The first Velcro closure goes on as tight as you need, and then a second closure, with a smoother, shiny black back, goes over the top. This makes them more secure, and also improves the look of the cuff.

These handcuffs have a black plastic D-ring. Each D-ring is connected to a short 1 1/2″ long piece of faux leather that’s riveted closed in the center. They seem fairly secure.

If the cuffs need to be cleaned, it’s best to do so with a damp washcloth on the exterior or fur. Hey could be run through the washer on gentle in a laundry bag, but they should never be put in the dryer.

So, Do They Work? I think these cuffs are pretty cute. I like the fur on the inside, as it helps prevent chafing as metal can cause. It’s a touch scratchy, and doesn’t feel quite as soft as real mink, though. I do like the double Velcro closure these have. I think it makes the cuffs look a bit more elegant than just having the Velcro strap showing.

The cuffs seem pretty securely held together, but keep in mind that these are more for light play than heavy restraint. I would have preferred the D-rings be made of metal rather than plastic. I think metal looks better, and there is the possibility of the plastic D-rings breaking if things get a little rough.

My husband thought these were kind of cute as well, and he liked securing my arms both in front of me and behind me. He also found them easy to take off when we were ready for a change in play.

Thank you to for sending these to me for free to review! If you’d like to try a pair of Foxtails handcuffs, you can get yours from Babeland by clicking on the widget below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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