Three’s Company

One of the kinds of encounters I fantasize about the most is a three-way, with myself and two men. While it’s never something I’d actually do, it’s fun and erotic to think about, watch, and read about for me. When the selections for December came out from the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club, I knew the one I wanted to read was Three-Way (Erotic Stories).

Three-Way is a large oversized paperback published in 2004 by Cleis Press. It has 210 pages, and the type is easy tor read. It contains an introduction by its editor Alison Tyler, as well as an about the authors section, about the editor page, and 19 stories that redefine the three-way.

Alison, who has written over 20 novels and numerous short stories, begins her introduction talking about the first threesomes she had. Her first was at eighteen, although she didn’t actually have sex. Her second was at nineteen with her editor and her editor’s roommate. When putting this collection together, Alison chose some of her favorite ménage a trois stories to include. Some of the stories are classic three-ways, with either two men and a woman or two women and a man. Others are a bit more imaginative in their definition and portrayal, while a few feature group sex.

These stories run the gamut – and when the couplings are classic the participants for the most part all interact instead of focusing their efforts on one of the partners. Some of the encounters are planned, while others are spur of the moment, as in Thomas S. Roche’s “Two Guys and a Girl” which takes place in a porn theater. Two three-ways take place with two participants and a “phone friend”, while in A. J. Stone’s “If You Can Make it There, You Can Make It Anywhere” a cabdriver is the third wheel to a backseat lesbian encounter. There’s even a three-way with a man and his tattooed girl as well as an all-girl orgy.

While some of the stories didn’t do much for me, there were several that stood out:

“Three for the Money” by Marilyn Jane Lewis   Mr. Santos was one of her favorite tricks. They had an interesting relationship, and going to his funeral causes her, now living respectably with a day office job, to reminisce about her relationship with him. What started as simple trysts and anal sex progressed to conversation and finally an engagement with Mr. Santos, a woman he sees, and her. The woman is quite a surprise, but she plays out the tawdry scene in a school girl uniform with Mr. Santos and his woman in a seedy hotel to everyone’s relative satisfaction.

“Endings” by Julia Moore   Daniel and Josh were friends. Daniel was her boyfriend, and Josh her lover. Little did Tasha realize that there was more to fucking each of them until the night she had them both.

“The New Fiancee” by N. T. Morley   Meredith and Phillip are engaged to be married. One night when she returns home from work, she finds his ex-wife Yvanna there. In this master/slave relationship, Meredith finds herself in a wild three-way with the two, and learns of her Master’s plans to introduce her to his other 3 exes.

“All McQueen’s Men” by Alison Tyler   Julissa’s a poker player, and a damned good one. Raymond is sure she’s been unfaithful. She hasn’t been yet, but her poker buddies are up to her raising the stakes.   This story is more than a threesome, but great nonetheless.

I preferred the stories that actually involved three people interacting.  While the more creative threesomes were interesting and not bad stories, they didn’t really seem to fit the theme of the book, and I would have enjoyed reading more actual threesome encounters.  Some of the stories I didn’t find arousing, but the gems in this collection made the book worthwhile for me.

If you like stories which involve scenarios with more than two participants, you should enjoy this book. Within the nineteen stories, there are sure to be a few that tickle your fancy.

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