Tied Up, Wide, and Spread to the World

There’s nothing quite like a spreader bar. I always find myself closing my legs when I think I’ve had enough but my husband doesn’t, and a spreader bar is a great way to keep me open and exposed. I was intrigued by the Spread ‘Em Bar & Cuff Set from Pipedream, so I was happy to review this one for EdenFantasys.

This bar and cuff set is part of Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy series. It includes a 25” spreader bar, a 12” spreader bar, four adjustable neoprene cuffs, an adjustable collar, and a mask. The collar isn’t listed in the contents or on the cardboard packaging, but it’s included all the same and makes for a nice, complete set.

Everything comes in a black bag which is just over 25” long. The bag has a woven nylon loop on the top that can be used to hang the set on a hook or in your closet out of the way. It also has a nylon handle for easy carrying. The bag zips open, and comes with a lock and 2 keys as well. The lock is a standard suitcase lock – it’s not that hard to open but can provide enough deterrent to keep the contents away from curious eyes.

The long bar just fits in the bag, and can be a bit tricky to insert and remove. It has rubber ends and 1” rings that are attached to a chain running through the bar. The rings swivel a bit, and you can pull each slightly out to allow for some adjustment if the cuffs are clipped to the ends. A ring is also located 8” from each end to which you can attach cuffs or chains.

The short bar is similar in construction, but it has 1 ring set in its center for attachment. Affixed to this ring is a nylon lead that can be extended to a 16” length (to the end of the lobster hook) or shortened to a length of 10”. This lead cannot be removed, unless you decide to cut it off.

The four cuffs are neoprene with a Velcro closure, and each is 2” wide with a swivel lobster hook attached so the cuffs will attach to any of the rings on the bars, or even to each other. The wrist cuffs are 10 1/2″ long (with Velcro covering 7 1/2″ of the cuff), and the ankle cuffs are 12” long (8 1/2″ of Velcro on the cuff). They can be adjusted to a wide range of ankle and wrist sizes and the Velcro keeps the cuffs firmly on.

The matching collar that’s included is 17” long and has a D-ring attached. Velcro covers 14”, so it can be adjusted quite a bit. You can clip the cuffs to the collar or use any lead as necessary.

The blindfold is just a thin piece of satin with an elastic strap. It’s not the most comfortable blindfold but it will do in a pinch, and it does block your vision.

The set is easy to clean. Both the bars and cuffs can be wiped down if necessary with water and dried. The blindfold can be tossed in the washer in a laundry bag and drip-dried or tumbled on low in the dryer.

So, Did It Work? This set is great!  I love how versatile it is and how the two bars can be used alone or together to create a different restraint. Cuff and connect ankles to the end of the large bar and wrists to its interior rings, and you are downright helpless. Put on the collar and clip the lead from the short bar to it, attach cuffed wrists to the bar, and your arms are restrained nicely. Want arms restrained behind the back? The small bar works well this way too. The large and small bar can be clipped together with the lead, and although it’s off-center, you are fully restrained and relatively immobile. We tried this every which way: standing, bent over, on hands and knees, and on my back, and it was a lot of fun.

I like how this comes with a matching collar, too – that was a bonus I wasn’t expecting. The blindfold is fine in a pinch, but I have another lightweight one that I keep in the bag.  I like the Velcro on the collar and cuffs, too – it makes for a quick release if necessary, but it’s also quite secure.

The bag is great – it’s compact and easy to store, and I love that it actually locks. The padlock would be easy to replace with something a little more secure, but this works for our needs just fine.

Overall, this is a great set and a lot of fun to use. Thank you to EdenFantasys for sending this to me for free to review! If you’d like to have some fun with the Spread ‘Em Bar & Cuff Set, you can pick this one up at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below.

product picture
Spreader by Pipedream
Material: Neoprene / Metal
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer.

This product was sent to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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