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I’ve been reading a lot of erotica lately. What, lately you ask? It’s true – I hadn’t read a lot of it before becoming a part of the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club. Since I’ve joined, I’ve received several themed erotica anthologies to read and get excited over. The book I picked to read for August, Do Not Disturb, is filled with stories about having sex in one of the most exciting places you can – and one of the most exciting places I have – the hotel.

Do Not Disturb (Hotel Sex Stories) was published in 2009 by Cleis Press. It’s an over-sized paperback with 20 stories and is 214 pages long. The type is easy to read, and short author biographies are included at the end. The book has a blog where author news, reader stories, and hotel sex are the topic of the day.

This collection is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a writer whose own works appear in numerous erotica anthologies including this one. Rachel has also written for Bust, AVN, the Huffington Post, Playgirl, Penthouse, and the New York Post, among others. She has also appeared on television, on shows as diverse as “Family Business” and “The Martha Stewart Show.”

In her introduction, Rachel talks about how hotels can be very erotic settings for sex, whether it’s an upscale, 5 star hotel or a rent-by-the-hour dive. Hotels can be used to fulfill many different sexual needs, including secrecy, flirting, affairs, and fantasies. She ends the introduction by relating some memorable moments she has had in hotels herself.

Most of the stories in this anthology feature heterosexual couples, although there are a few stories with same sex couples. This collection also has some three-way action between two men and a woman, two women and a man, and three men. The stories cover lunchtime dalliances, cheating spouses, chance and planned encounters and even hired pleasure.

All of the stories in this collection are well written. While I enjoyed almost all of them, some of the stories didn’t get me going at all or just seemed misplaced in an erotica collection.  Three stories in particular stood out in this category.

“The St. George Hotel, 1890” by Lillian Slugocki  I really liked this story of a woman reminiscing about having a tryst with a disturbing stranger, but it was more of a thriller with elements of sex set in days gone by than an erotic and arousing read.

“G is For Gypsy” by Maxim Jakubowski  This told the melancholy story of a traveling man who pines for a lost love and reminisces about what he no longer has before becoming a lost soul in room after room. I found this story a bit depressing and sad.

“Talking Dirty” by Shanna Germaine  Something’s happened to his wife, and a loving husband tries to break through by recreating a hotel scene with her week after week. This story I also found sad, and while I felt for the characters and the love of the husband, it seemed a bit out of place.

Many of the stories I did find highly erotic. Some really tapped into my fantasies and gave me ideas for future roleplay, while others were just plain arousing to read. My favorite stories in this collection were:

“So Simple A Place” by Isabelle Gray A business woman in Tokyo for 6 months has a flirtation with her Japanese counterpart that builds to something special in a place where they can be anywhere in the world.

“Tropical Grotto, Winter Storm” by Teresa Noele Roberts  A couple finds themselves unexpectedly snowbound at a hotel that features an indoor tropical water park. What to do?

“Hump Day” by Rachel Kramer Bussel  A married couple spends an hour every Wednesday at a seedy hotel for a raunchy, role-playing date.

The best story in this collection for me by far was “The Royalton – A Daray Tale” by Tess Danesi. Here, a woman follows her lover’s instructions, starting in the lobby of the Royalton Hotel. She finds herself living out one of her greatest fantasies in the room, but being blindfolded throughout keeps her guessing about the identity of the third person in the room.

Overall, Do Not Disturb is a book I would recommend if you’ve ever had great hotel sex or fantasized about doing so. You can pick up your copy at EdenFantasys by clicking on the widget below, read it, and join the discussion for this Sexis Naked Reader Book Club selection on the forum later this month.

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