Tulip Or Cow Horn? Cute Either Way

The Tulip Wand is an interesting vibrator that I picked up from EdenFantasys.  The packaging it comes in proclaims “Cow King’s Horns (L)”, and if it weren’t pink, you could mistake it for one (and in green it’d look like an alien antenna).  This really made me chuckle.   It’d be even more amusing if there were 2 in the box, however, as you could adapt these to a headband for a costume.

This vibrator comes in an easy to open clamshell case and is visible through the front.  Product information and directions are on the back.  This one comes from China and it has one of my favorite toy box slogans ever, which I’ve seen on a few other toys – “Enjoy Your Happy Life Everyday!” – which is a wonderful slogan to live by.
This does look a bit like a tulip bulb sitting upon a stalk (although I really like the other visual better).  The whole toy is 9” long measured along the curve, with about 6” insertable.  The toy is smooth and velvety to the touch, but since it’s made of plastic it’s firm and inflexible.  This vibrator is meant for g-spot stimulation, although it also works clitorally.  It doesn’t have a flared base, so I’d recommend against using it anally.
The head is 1 1/4″ long and 1 1/8” wide with a pointed tip for easy insertion.  It narrows in to about 3/4” when it starts the stalk and widens to 1 1/4″ right above the control button. 
 The control is on the front of the toy.  It’s red and shaped like a peanut.  The top has the #7 on it to cycle through the functions, while the bottom is labeled on/off.
The bottom of the wand unscrews to reveal the battery compartment.  It takes 2 AAA batteries, and their direction is clearly labeled.  An O-ring is nestled under the threads to make this waterproof when the cap is securely tightened on.
Pressing on/off turns the wand on at a fast, steady vibration which is felt strongly in the tip and to a lesser extent down the shaft.  Subsequent pushes on the 7 yield:
       high steady vibration
       very high steady vibration
       throttle-y rev up
       fast pulse
       super fast pulse
       very high steady vibration
       fast steady vibration (the initial speed when on)
The vibrations are buzzy and mostly surface vibrations.  On the high speeds it sounds like an electric toothbrush, with a rather sonic whine at a high pitch.  The sound can be very distracting while using this – it made me feel like my teeth were on edge.
The wand is made of ABS plastic with a polyurethane coating so it’s nonporous and phthalates-free.  It has no taste or smell.  It’s easy to keep clean: simply wash before and after use with antibacterial soap and water and gently dried.  Water based and silicone lubricants are safe to use.
So, Does It Work?  The sound aside, this is a decent vibrator for clitoral stimulation.  The head is just the right size and it’s easy to get pressure where I need it.  The vibrations are decent although not earthshaking, and I’d be a lot happier if they were stronger.  
The firmness and length allowed for good g-spot stimulation, but this wand was a bit too thin on its own.  When used with another toy, however, it worked much better and really pressed inside where it needed to.
The sound was what bothered me the most with this one.  I don’t mind a loud toy (I am an avid Hitachi user), but when the sound is too high pitched it makes me grit my teeth.  The patterns and the lower two steady vibrations are just noisy – it’s the highest steady one that gets to me.
If you don’t like superstrong vibrations and prefer a smaller width toy, the Tulip Wand isn’t a bad choice for g-spot experimentation.  Just be prepared for the sound.  I got mine at EdenFantasys and you can too by clicking the widget below.

product picture
G-spot vibrator by Shaki Toys
Material: Plastic

This product was purchased from EdenFantasys with no expectation of review.  This review is in compliance with the FCC guidelines.

One Response to Tulip Or Cow Horn? Cute Either Way

  1. Splendwhore

    Pretty cute. It really does remind me of the tulips my grandma so loves to plant. My partner said this reminded him of asparagus. Very, very pink asparagus! xD I actually thought about trying this toy out before, but the loudness seems like a deal breaker. I can't stand high pitched, whiny toys. Yick! ;P