What’s Your Pleasure?

Does the blade of a knife cutting through your butter soft skin turn you on? Do you grow hard watching a woman smoke cigarettes? Do you get excited by wearing women’s lingerie? Or does Santa Claus make you “Ho, Ho, Ho?” If fetishes and well-written erotica appeal to you, this book will too.

Best Fetish Erotica, edited by Cara Bruce and printed by Cleis Press, is a collection of short stories first published in 2000 and 2002 that explore the realm of fetish sex. The stories pack a punch, and run the gamut from the mild to the extreme. Easy to pick up, hard to put down, this collection is sure to expose you to fetishes you dream about as well as ones you can’t forget once you read them.

The book is 183 pages, and contains 21 stories, each by a different author. This is a softcover edition and oversized (9” x 6”), with a slick cover featuring the back of a corseted woman. The typeset is clear and readable, with no pictures or drawings inside. The back pages of the book give some information about the authors contained within.

The editor, Cara Bruce, has had her stories appear in other collections and is also the editor of VenusOrVixen.com. The writers all come from diverse backgrounds with various publishing credits to their names.

Each story in this collection features a different fetish, and each author stimulates, educates, and arouses the reader. The fetishes included contain some common ones: a piece of lingerie, masochism/torture, smoking, interracial sex, knife play, wearing women’s clothes, mothers, voyeurism, teacher/student, and spankings. They also include some less common fetishes: smiles, robot sex, whore genes, cars, dolls, vegetarians, colors, and even Santa.  Yes, Santa.

I found all of the stories in this collection to be well-written and engaging. Some of the stories are very short (the shortest is 3 pages), while others run to about 20 pages, but all are short enough to sit down and read in 5 to 10 minutes. I haven’t read a lot of this type of erotica, so all of the stories were fresh for me, even though they date back several years. Some of the stories employ humor, while others are quite serious in tone.

There are stories here that will not appeal to everyone, due to their subject matter, but that’s what I would expect in this type of anthology. If you’re reading this one, you’re more than likely interested in fetishes, and probably have one or two of your own.

My favorite stories in this collection were “Machine” by Raven Caldera, about a woman who dresses up as a pleasure object and is guided by another; “Horsepower” by Tom Piccirilli, dealing with hot sex and hot cars; and “Man and Woman: A Study In Black and White” by Rachel Resnick, about a white woman and a black man each with a fetish for the other.

I would recommend this book if you enjoy thought provoking, sometimes edgy stories about what turns some people on. This book is a great way to explore how others get off.

This book is one of two featured by the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club this month.  If you’re interested in reading Best Fetish Erotica, you can pick up your copy from EdenFantasys.

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Book by Collection of Stories by Various Authors
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
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