A Little Bit Of Passion

I love the idea of strap-ons. Not for pegging or fucking someone else, but for strapping on for hands-free stimulation of myself. Recently, I received the Passion Flower G, a hands-free vibrator that is strap-compatible, from Cal Exotics to review.

The Passion Flower G is billed as a triple action vibrator. It comes in a colorful box, and it is sealed in plastic inside.

It is a pretty, light pink color, and translucent. It’s made of unscented TPE, and it has no smell out of the box. The TPE makes it a bit tacky to the touch, so it needs to be washed both before and after use with an antibacterial soap and warm water, or a toy cleaner. It is porous, so if you plan on sharing your Passion Flower, make sure to use a condom. A water-based and lubricant is the best choice to use.

The Passion Flower is 6 1/2″ long overall, measured straight from the tip to the bottom of the bullet. The 4” insertable portion is 1 1/4″ in diameter at its widest. The g-spot tip is quite flexible, and the shaft harrows a bit below the tip. The shaft has a gently rippled design which is more aesthetic than stimulating, but it is pretty. A noticeable seam runs up and over the toy. You can feel it with your finger, but it’s not noticeable or distracting during use.

The flower base is 4 1/4″ wide, and has two small stimulators. The front one is 3/4″ high and looks a bit like a shark fin. The back stimulator is a small, thin nub. The rest of the flower is smooth to the touch, with some contouring.

The flower has four holes around it through which straps can be attached. The Passion Flower doesn’t come with any, and the box suggests using your favorite straps. This is great if you have some, but unfortunate if you don’t because you won’t be able to strap it in place. I happen to have some, so I was able to try this both with and without.

The vibrations of the Passion Flower are powered by a non-removable bullet. The bullet is 4” long, and sticks out of the bottom below the flower base. It is controlled by a push button on the bottom, and just has 1 speed. The bullet is made of ABS plastic with silver plating, and is not removable from the base. It is powered by 1 AAA battery, which is inserted by unscrewing the bullet’s base and dropping it in + side down. There is an O-ring between the bullet and its base to make this toy waterproof.

The vibrations are moderately strong, and are felt decently throughout the toy. It’s fairly quiet as well – about as loud as a cell phone on vibrate.

So, did it work? Unfortunately, not well for me. I found the shaft was much too flexible for me to get any kind of pressure on my g-spot, and while the vibrations felt nice and stimulating, they weren’t enough to get me off, even when thrusting.

The flower base was a bit too wide to be comfortable for me in anything but a reclining position. It was too wide for me to close my legs comfortably. The two stimulators on the flower were too small and too close to the shaft to do any stimulating of either my clitoris or anus like I hoped they would.

I did find some straps that worked and was able to get this to stay on relatively well, but other than holding it more in place as I reclined, they didn’t do much for me. I tried to use this seated as well, but the bullet sticks out too far at the bottom, and I kept hitting the power button and turning the bullet off.

If you like milder vibrations, and are looking for a toy that can be strapped on for internal stimulation, this is one you might consider. Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending this to me for free to review!

Interested in the Passion Flower G?  You can check it out at EdenFantasys by clicking the box below.

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by California Exotic
Material: TPE

This product was provided to me free of charge by Cal Exotics in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. I never knew that toys could come without the straps. Great review.