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TMI Tuesday: This or That

Steak and lobster with fries

By Mark James Miller (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Pancakes or waffles?
Neither? I’m not a big fan of pancakes or waffles – if I had to pick one I’d go with…potato pancakes.

2. Steak or Lobster?
Definitely steak. Nice and thick, and medium rare.

3. Freckles or dimples?
Hmmm….freckles I think.

4. Board games or video games?
I do like them both, but I’d probably go with board games.

5. Dress up or dress down?
I like to dress up.

6. Backseat of car or kitchen  counter? (Of course I’m talking about a spontaneous place to have sex)
Neither is particularly comfortable, but I think I’d go with the kitchen counter.

7. Nipple clamps or handcuffs? Tell us why you chose your particular sexual encounter enhancement?
Hard to choose…I like nipple clamps, but it’s fun to be restrained, so I’ll go with the handcuffs.

Bonus:  How was your weekend? Would you like to repeat it or never see that weekend again?
My weekend was pretty good – I didn’t get a whole lot done, but lazy weekends are often the best. I’d be okay with repeating it.


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Wicked Wednesday: Chemistry

Hercule and Dejanire public domain picture

Public domain via Wikimedia Commons

When our lips meet
I feel a shock
Desire stirs in me.

Our tongues questing
Tasting each other
Feels like electricity.

When your hard cock
Penetrates me
I feel the passion swell.

We join together
We are one
I know this feeling well.

When you explode
I join you there
Feeling your cum in me.

It must be said
I know it’s true
That we have chemistry.

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TMI Tuesday: ABCs of TMI

Scuba diver

By Thomei08 20px|ich bin ein Kiwi / Thomei08 at German Wikipedia (Own work (Original text: selbst erstellt)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. I will never again admit fault for something I didn’t do .

2. I stash Christmas presents in my closet.

3. Are you embarrassed when strangers start talking about their sex life to you?
I don’t think I’ve ever had a total, complete stranger talk about their sex life to me. I’ve had loose acquaintances do so, and that can be a little weird. I wouldn’t say I’m embarrassed, but sometimes people share way more than I really want to know.

4. Would you date someone who is celibate?
No, not unless I was also celibate. And I’m not, so I don’t think it would work very well.

5. What percentage does each of these activities–work, play, household, sex, rest/sleep have in your life? (Must equal 100%)
Hmmm….I would say
Work: 35%
Play: 10%
Household: 5%
Sex:  15%
Rest/Sleep: 35%

Bonus: How do you decompress at the end of each day? How would you like to decompress at the end of each day?
Usually I change out of my work clothes, have dinner, and then exercise for an hour or so before vegging out in front of the TV. I’d like to decompress by taking a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, and then getting a relaxing massage that makes me fall asleep.

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Wicked Wednesday: Suitcase

a selection of different colorful vibrators

By twicepix from Bern, Switzerland (fresh vibesUploaded by Vydra) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I’m always leery about packing good toys in luggage if I have to fly. It’s one thing to take a road trip with a suitcase packed with vibrators, lingerie, and floggers, but quite another to take that suitcase to the airport.

It’s a tough decision to put the toys in checked luggage or carry-on. Checked is usually fine for lingerie, blindfolds, floggers, and the like, but I always worry that either TSA is going to go digging through my bag to see what that 5 pound metal object is, or the bag will be opened and my expensive vibrator will “go missing.” The other problem is that many of my toys have rechargeable batteries, which aren’t supposed to be in checked baggage.

Taking a carry-on through security can be interesting, and it really depends on the airport. Going through screening in a big city’s airport, I’ve seen a few raised eyebrows, and I’ve wondered just how big does that oversized silicone dildo look in the suitcase? I’ve always either travel-locked the vibrators or made sure they’re not charged, and I’ve never had an agent pull one out for closer inspection there.

Small airports, on the other hand, can be a bit disastrous. I hadn’t flown out of one in quite a while, but the last time I went to Las Vegas I decided it made more sense to take the jump plane – it’s cheaper than driving, and a lot faster as well. While waiting in line to go through security, I noticed first that they were randomly opening large bags and rifling through them with gloves on. Then I noticed that they were opening every other carry-on bag. Apparently, just running it through the scanner wasn’t enough – maybe because we were going to Vegas? I had a 50/50 chance, and I knew mine was going to be opened. And it was.

The worst part about the agents opening the carry-on bags wasn’t that they were opening them, but that everyone in line could see what was in them. I was hoping my vibrators weren’t going to be waved about for public display, and they weren’t, exactly…but you could certainly see from the line exactly what was going to be buzzing for me later on that day. I didn’t get questioned about any of them, and I would have been fine if I had – I realized a long time ago that if I was going to be too embarrassed to explain what I was taking with me, I probably shouldn’t be taking it. Why yes, officer, that green tentacle really is a sex toy – let me show you how it vibrates and rotates…

Will I be taking toys the next time I fly? Of course. In my carry-on, no matter what happens.

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TMI Tuesday: Faves, the Most, and Perfection

photo of a red roe with raindrops on the petals

By Takkk (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s talk faves, the most, and perfection at TMI Tuesday blog.

1. Favorite childhood memory?
Hmmm…I think it would be visiting my grandparents during the summer. They lived out East, and at night I could catch fireflies by the jarful. Then, in the mornings, I would take a bucket and wander through the raspberry patch and get berries for breakfast.

2. Favorite moment in the last 3 months?
That would be spending New Year’s Eve at Epcot. There were tons of DJs, and the best one was the silent DJ Party, where everyone wore headphones – you couldn’t hear any music if you didn’t have them on, and everyone was dancing and singing – it was hilarious to watch before you got your own headphones.

3. Favorite drink on a hot summer day?
Oh, definitely iced tea with lemon and a spritz of sugar.

4. Perfect day out: what, where, with whom?
Let’s see – on the beach, looking for seashells, in Hawaii, with the love of my life.

5. Your most unexpected achievement?
That’s a tough one -probably that I made it out of my teenage years alive.

Bonus: The kindest thing you ever did for a stranger?
The thing that comes to mind is paying for the order for the person behind me in the drive-thru. It’s a little thing, but I’ve had people do it for me before, and it certainly makes my day.

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