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Lately I’ve had a thing for rabbits. Not the soft, furry, living and breathing kind, mind you, but the silicone/plastic/other material vibrating and rotating at the push of a button kind. I’m finding them rather fun for solo play, so I was thrilled to receive the Lia Dual Stimulator Tickle Tip, one of three new rabbit designs by Cal Exotics,from Vibrator.com to review.

The Lia comes in an easy to open plastic box and is visible through the front. The back has some product information about the vibrator, and a small flyer is included that has battery insertion directions for a variety of Cal Exotics toys, as well as general instructions and warnings.

This vibrator is pretty, and quite pink. It’s made of silicone with a matte finish so it has no smell or taste. There is just a bit of drag when you run your finger down the surface. A noticeable seam runs up the front and down the back, but while it’s visually noticeable it isn’t during use. The Lia is soft, with just a bit of squish under your fingers.

This vibrator is 8 1/2″ long overall, with 5 1/4″ of insertable length, and just 1 1/4″ in diameter. The head is flat and has small, soft nubs on it for internal stimulation. The shaft has a slight curve towards the top for g-spot stimulation and several ripples down the shaft as well. The tip of the shaft is flexible, while the rest of the shaft is rigid.

The clitoral piece is about 2” long and has 2 “tongues” on the top. These tongues make the stimulator bird-like in appearance, and they vibrate like crazy when the Lia is turned on. The entire stimulator is flexible.

A silver band separates the upper part of the Lia from the base. This base twists about 1/4 of a turn to open so you can insert 2 AA batteries, + side down. There is also an O-ring to make the Lia safe for fun in the shower or bath.

Unlike many rabbit vibrators, the shaft of the Lia doesn’t rotate. Instead it has two motors for vibrations concentrated in the head and clitoral piece (the shaft doesn’t vibrate hardly at all). The motors aren’t independently controlled: instead they are controlled by the same button. The Lia is fairly quiet, which makes it good for discreet use.

The Lia has 2 control buttons. One is a dedicated on/off button, while the other allows you to cycle through 10 functions:
– Medium and steady
– Low and steady
– 5 fast pulse pattern
– Low pulse
– Medium pulse
– Fast pulse
– Lower, slower, throbbier pulse
– Longer, high pulse
– Very low, fast pulse
– High and steady

The Lia is made of silicone, so it is phthalates free and non-porous. It has no smell or taste. It’s easy to care for – simply wash before and after use with warm water and antibacterial soap (a toy cleaner also works). The Lia should be dried after washing and can be stored in its box or a toy bag. Only water-based lubricants should be used.

So, Did It Work? This is a pretty fun little vibrator. While the vibration strength is only moderate, several of the vibration patterns are low and throbby, as opposed to surface vibrations, and are quite pleasant. While I don’t think the nubs on the top do much, it was nice to have so many vibrations in the tip. The tongues, or beak, on the clitoral piece vibrated like crazy until I put a lot of pressure on them, but the piece still provided moderately strong vibrations to my clit.

One thing that’s different than most other vibrators with functions is the way the Lia remembers your previous setting. If you leave the batteries in, turning this vibrator off and then on using the power button puts it on the vibration pattern you were last at. If you press the cycle button, it will start on the next pattern on the list. Removing the batteries and reinserting them causes the Lia to start over on the first pattern.

I tried the Lia in the bathtub and had no problems with water getting into the battery compartment.

The Lia would be a good vibrator if you like low to moderate intensity, as well as a smaller shaft. If you’re interested, you can pick up the Lia for yourself at Vibrator.com.  

Thank you to Vibrator.com for sending this to me for free to review!

This product was provided for free by Vibrator.com in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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