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Set Sail

I’m always looking to expand my dildo collection. Why, you ask? It’s true that I have a wide variety of dildos already, but I don’t have as many realistic ones as I’d like. Many of the ones I do have are thicker, and there are times when I want one more average-sized.  I picked the Admiral to review for free this month from Good Vibrations, in exchange for this unbiased review, as it looked like it would fill all of those needs.

admiralboxThe Admiral silicone dildo from Pleasure Works comes in a cardboard box with the product featured on the front and back.  Inside, the Admiral comes in a plastic bag. The box isn’t the best for storage, so you’ll want to use a toy bag or keep it on your sex-toy shelf.

admiralaloneThis dildo comes in three colors: vanilla, caramel, and coffee, and I received mine in the coffee color, which is a rich, chocolate-y brown.  It’s made of silicone, and it’s decently squishy, yet holds its shape nicely.  The surface isn’t tacky, but it does have a bit of drag, which lube takes care of nicely.

The Admiral is 7 1/2″ long, and realistically shaped. Its head is detailed and has a small ridge, but the ridge is soft and doesn’t cause any discomfort during use.  The shaft is just 1 1/2″ wide, gently curved, and has a light veined texture. It’s firm, yet flexible, and feels good internally. One thing that’s nice is the base, which is fairly flat. The balls are textured and easy to grip onto, and the base width is thin enough to allow the Admiral to work in a harness for vaginal or anal use.

admiralflexThis dildo is easy to clean before and after use. It can be washed with antibacterial soap and water, boiled, or run through the dishwasher without soap. Once dry, it can be stored in a toy bag or on the toy shelf.

Water-based lube is recommended, although if you prefer silicone, do a spot test on the base to make sure there’s no reaction between the toy and the lube.

So, Did It Work? I like the Admiral.  This is one of the thinner dildos I have, and I really like how it feels internally. Vaginally, the curve works well, and the head is firm enough to hit my G-spot during use. The balls make it easy to keep the curve going the right direction, and they also help to hold onto it with lube-covered hands and thrust.   It works anally as well, although I prefer smoother heads.

Thank you to Good Vibrations for sending me the Admiral for free in exchange for this review!  If you’re looking for a realistic dildo with good texture, length, and flexibility, yet not too large, the Admiral is a good choice. You can pick one up at Good Vibrations by clicking the banner below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.