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HNT: New Shoes

It’s been beautiful so far this month – thankfully no snow yet! I can’t bear to put away the sandals yet, and in fact got a great deal on a new pair of Tevas. The color is bright, and they’re fun, plus I completely adore their sandals. Enjoy!

HNT: Boots!

One of my Christmas presents this year, that I got to pick out, were some new boots. I opted for practical colors and got black and brown (I know, kinda boring, but they go with just about anything I wear, and they look good with nothing on as well ). Here’s my new black ones – they aren’t too high, and so fun to wear. Enjoy!

HNT: Halloween!

I think this has been the busiest month ever – and Halloween is next week! I’m still working up a costume – I have enough nurse costumes that that might be rather fun. Or a zombie – I’m partial to zombies. I had completely forgotten about these shoes, which are perfect for this week, and I need to unbury them from the storage unit so I can wear them over the weekend! So here’s an old HNT picture with a touch of updating for the season. I think it’s perfect for this time of year. Enjoy!

HNT: Black Lace

I needed a new pair of boots, and when I saw these I just couldn’t resist. Flirty but a bit sassy, and leather and lace, they’re just too cute. Enjoy!


HNT: Hot and High

So, as I think I mentioned, I went on a bit of a shoe binge at Fredericks. Lingerie, too, but I bought way too many more shoes – shoegasms, anyone? This pair I thought was really cute, and will go great with jeans this fall. Enjoy!