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Can’t Fight This Feeling

I’ve been reading a variety of erotica lately. Most of the books have been theme-centered, and a lot of them have been fun reads, presenting some ideas that we’ve either tried to act out or hope to try out. In February, I got to read two selections of the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club – the first, Passion, was for the most part an incredible read, with some extremely hot stories. The second, Best Lesbian Romance 2011, was a bit different.

Best Lesbian Romance 2011 is published by Cleis Press, and edited by Radclyffe. It contains 17 stories, an introduction, and about sections for both editor and authors in its 200 pages. This is an oversized paperback, with a glossy, understated cover.

Radclyffe, has over 35 novels and anthologies in print. She’s a retired surgeon, and she’s won several awards for her writing. In the introduction she talks about what romance and love are, whether the relationship is just beginning or well into blossoming into something more, and leads into the stories presented in the book.

These stories are fairly romantic and well written, but they aren’t what I’d consider erotica. They’re more along the lines of soft-core stories or light romantic reading with just a hint of sex, for the most part, beyond kissing and an occasional feel. They really focus more on the feelings experienced by the women involved rather than raw sexual arousal. Good to read? Yes. Arousing? No, at least not for me.

The stories are a mix of first and third person tellings, and deal with dates arranged by Moms, new relationships, relationships that are yet to form, and chance encounters that lead to something much more. Whether in an apartment, a slave laundry, or a forest, the women find something special to share with each other.

While there weren’t any stories that I thought were bad or out of place, there were some I enjoyed reading above the others:

“Hearts and Flowers” by Theda Hudson Jen’s not one for hearts and flowers, and her one year anniversary with Gina is coming up. They toss around ideas to celebrate, but what Gina wants more than anything is for Jen to tell her what their anniversary means to her. Can Jen discover what being with Gina means before she loses her for good?

“Lost and Found” by Andrea Dale Lara gets an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, but it doesn’t start out well when the airline loses her luggage. Her friend Jeanne tells another member at the conference about the problem and Evie shows up at her door to help her out. The two hit it off, but Lara’s nervous – she really LIKES Evie. And Evie lives in Hawaii, while Lara’s in Chicago. Can their relationship work?

“Rock Palace” by Miel Rose Taylor wants to take her girlfriend Lilly to visit her farm, but she’s not sure if she should. All her other girlfriends have been too city to appreciate it. Lilly is different, however, and Taylor takes a chance, showing off the country and her special hidey-hole.

The saddest story in this collection is “Dirty Laundry” by Cheyenne Blue. Eileen ends up in a Magdelene Laundry in Ireland, sent there by a priest and her family to be imprisoned. She meets Maura, another lost, imprisoned soul, and over the years they share a tender, hidden love to keep them going. Will they ever be able to escape?

Probably the most unusual lesbian romance tale is “When Hearts Run Free” by Radclyffe writing as L. L. Raand. She was bitten by a rogue werewolf, and now she’s a mutt in the pack. She’s smitten by the pack Alpha, Sylvan, and the feeling is mutual. But in the world of the pack, will a mutt have a chance with a Were born and bred?

If you’re looking to read some enjoyable romantic tales and not steamy erotica to get off to, Best Lesbian Romance 2011 is a book to pick up, and you can get your copy at EdenFantasys by clicking here or on the widget below.

The Naked Book Club discussion about Best Lesbian Romance 2011 and Passion was held February 22 on the EdenFantasys forums, with host Kristina Wright. The first of two March discussions will take place on March 3, where we’ll be discussing Hide and Seek. Hope to see you there!

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Book by Various Authors
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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

February is the time for love, with Valentine’s Day a celebration of lovers, both new and old. As such, it was a fitting time to read the SexIs Naked Book Club selection Passion.

Passion (Erotic Romance for Women) is a collection of 20 stories revolving about the passion a man and woman can feel towards each other. Whether old or new, fresh or rekindled, the feelings are strong and overpowering.

This book is an oversized paperback with a glossy cover. Containing 226 pages, it was published in 2010 by Cleis press and is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. In addition to the stories, the book contains an introduction by Rachel where she talks about what passion can mean, an about the authors section, and a few pages about the editor.

Rachel is based in New York, and has edited over 30 books of erotica. Her stories have appeared in over 100 anthologies, including this collection. She’s a columnist for SexIs Magazine, the Senior editor at Penthouse Variations, and has written for publications including Playgirl, Penthouse, the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Post, Newsday, and the Huffington Post. She’s also appeared on television, on the Martha Stewart Show and Family Business. She writes a blog, and has been the host of the In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series since October 2005.

The stories here all embrace the passion two people can feel. Sometimes the passion is newfound and fresh, sometimes it’s ongoing, and sometimes it’s discovered anew and rekindled in long relationships. Both single couples and married couples (and even relative strangers) find intense encounters (and even a daydream) in the pages of this book. The stories are a mix between first and third person tellings, and some deal with different cultures and nationalities. All of the couples are heterosexual.

I enjoyed almost all of the stories in this collection, but several stood out from the others for me:

“Big Bed Sex” by Donna George Storey Staying at the Beverly Hills hotel for the first time, in a room her sister has splurged for while in town for a reading, she wishes her husband could be there. The room calls out for wild, passionate sex ,and they’ve always had hot and wild sex in hotel rooms. He’s tied up in business meetings in another town so she reminisces about past encounters in hotel beds. She sends him a picture of the Arabian love nest she finds herself in. He can’t resist, and joins her for a passionate romp (or two).

“Dear in the Headlights” by Angela Caperton It’s been five months since she and her husband have “done the dirty”, and she is ready to spend a well-thought out and passionate night with her overworked husband. Fate intervenes when he runs off the road on his way home and has to wait for 2 hours for the tow truck to arrive. Cass goes out to meet him and they have wild sex on his car before the tow arrives and they head to their planned rendezvous at the Hilton.

“Third Time’s the Charm” by Charlene Teglia Lynn and Nick have broken up but find themselves stuck in an elevator. The phone doesn’t work, and neither has a cell, but they find a way to rekindle the passion of their relationship in the dark confines of their trap. Is it fate that brought them together, or has Nick arranged this moment to bring them back together for another try?

My favorite story by far was “Five Senses” by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Sometimes familiarity brings rote sex and monotony, and the passion needs to be rekindled. They’re planning to celebrate her husband’s latest booking, but instead of going out, he tells her they’re going to stay in, and all of her senses come alive with the evening he has planned to relight the fire of their relationship.

This is a great collection, and one you’ll enjoy if you like erotica that deals with passionate loving couples (whether they’ve recently met or have been together for years). They may even inspire you with ways to add some extra passion in your own love life. This February selection of the SexIs Naked Reader Book Club was discussed on the EdenFantasys forum, and can be picked up at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below. Watch for the next Book Club meeting coming soon!

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Book by Various Authors
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Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
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Three’s Company

One of the kinds of encounters I fantasize about the most is a three-way, with myself and two men. While it’s never something I’d actually do, it’s fun and erotic to think about, watch, and read about for me. When the selections for December came out from the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club, I knew the one I wanted to read was Three-Way (Erotic Stories).

Three-Way is a large oversized paperback published in 2004 by Cleis Press. It has 210 pages, and the type is easy tor read. It contains an introduction by its editor Alison Tyler, as well as an about the authors section, about the editor page, and 19 stories that redefine the three-way.

Alison, who has written over 20 novels and numerous short stories, begins her introduction talking about the first threesomes she had. Her first was at eighteen, although she didn’t actually have sex. Her second was at nineteen with her editor and her editor’s roommate. When putting this collection together, Alison chose some of her favorite ménage a trois stories to include. Some of the stories are classic three-ways, with either two men and a woman or two women and a man. Others are a bit more imaginative in their definition and portrayal, while a few feature group sex.

These stories run the gamut – and when the couplings are classic the participants for the most part all interact instead of focusing their efforts on one of the partners. Some of the encounters are planned, while others are spur of the moment, as in Thomas S. Roche’s “Two Guys and a Girl” which takes place in a porn theater. Two three-ways take place with two participants and a “phone friend”, while in A. J. Stone’s “If You Can Make it There, You Can Make It Anywhere” a cabdriver is the third wheel to a backseat lesbian encounter. There’s even a three-way with a man and his tattooed girl as well as an all-girl orgy.

While some of the stories didn’t do much for me, there were several that stood out:

“Three for the Money” by Marilyn Jane Lewis   Mr. Santos was one of her favorite tricks. They had an interesting relationship, and going to his funeral causes her, now living respectably with a day office job, to reminisce about her relationship with him. What started as simple trysts and anal sex progressed to conversation and finally an engagement with Mr. Santos, a woman he sees, and her. The woman is quite a surprise, but she plays out the tawdry scene in a school girl uniform with Mr. Santos and his woman in a seedy hotel to everyone’s relative satisfaction.

“Endings” by Julia Moore   Daniel and Josh were friends. Daniel was her boyfriend, and Josh her lover. Little did Tasha realize that there was more to fucking each of them until the night she had them both.

“The New Fiancee” by N. T. Morley   Meredith and Phillip are engaged to be married. One night when she returns home from work, she finds his ex-wife Yvanna there. In this master/slave relationship, Meredith finds herself in a wild three-way with the two, and learns of her Master’s plans to introduce her to his other 3 exes.

“All McQueen’s Men” by Alison Tyler   Julissa’s a poker player, and a damned good one. Raymond is sure she’s been unfaithful. She hasn’t been yet, but her poker buddies are up to her raising the stakes.   This story is more than a threesome, but great nonetheless.

I preferred the stories that actually involved three people interacting.  While the more creative threesomes were interesting and not bad stories, they didn’t really seem to fit the theme of the book, and I would have enjoyed reading more actual threesome encounters.  Some of the stories I didn’t find arousing, but the gems in this collection made the book worthwhile for me.

If you like stories which involve scenarios with more than two participants, you should enjoy this book. Within the nineteen stories, there are sure to be a few that tickle your fancy.

The Sexis Naked Reader Book Club holds discussions in the EdenFantasys forums twice a month. Be on the lookout for a discussion of Three-Way. If you’d like to pick up Three-Way, you can get your copy at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below.

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Under Their Thumb

Some time ago, not all that long ago really, I discovered that I enjoyed a harder edge to sex with my husband. I enjoy being submissive in the bedroom, and we now have a pretty full accoutrement of bondage items. I love to be tied up with cuffs, rope, or anything really, even nothing while pretending I am or following orders during our escapades. I’ve also found a bit of pain adds to the pleasure we both get. I enjoy reading erotica about these types of situations as well, so I selected Pleasure Bound (True Bondage Stories) as my November selection from the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club.

Pleasure Bound is an oversized paperback with a glossy cover. It was published in 2009 by Cleis Press and contains 23 stories in 185 pages, as well as an introduction, About the Authors, and About the Editor sections. This collection is edited by Alison Tyler, who has edited several collections as well as written a lot of erotic stories, many of which I’ve really enjoyed.

Alison, a prolific writer and editor, explains in the introduction that the stories in this collection are all based on the contributing authors’ encounters. While names have been changed, and some of the experiences added to or deleted from, the stories are based on their experiences and so really ring “real.”

The stories here range in length and subject. In most of the stories it’s the woman who’s submissive to a man, but a few feature these roles reversed and one story is about a homosexual man. All of the stories are well written, but they vary on the amount of arousal they cause and even knowing they are based in reality, you may not find them engaging or appealing to your sexual interests. Some of the tales are more extreme than others in the acts portrayed, although for me that didn’t affect the eroticism of them, and in fact enhanced it.

Some of the real standouts in this collection for me include:

“The Visit” by A. D. R. Forte  She takes a bus to see him instead of a plane, so she can arrive uncluttered and the way she was when she last saw him. He picks her up and takes her to his workplace, a bowling alley, where she’ll find out if she’s still “his cunt.” This story was particularly arousing, and the sex rough and hot.

“A Campfire Story” by Kristina Wright She doesn’t camp. Hates it, in fact. He brings her on her first camping trip, and she’s tired, unhappy, and resentful when he falls asleep. She finds the sleeping bag a great way to restrain and tease him mercilessly, and she discovers that camping might not be so bad at all. I really enjoyed this story, as I really could relate to the characters. I don’t think anything could be much worse than camping, but if we ever go I intend to play out this scenario.

“Do I Look Like I’m Joking?” by Annette Miller  With her husband being a lover of bondage, leather, and rope, a wife loves being restrained and having kinky sex at home. She’s only ever given him head at the theater, so the thought of being tied up in a theater and made to come scares her, but she goes along for a wet and erotic public experience. This story was truly hot, and something that would be fun to reenact, in a dangerous way.

“King of the Road” by Bella Dean  Chad presents Donna with a motorcycle, and she knows this can’t be good. How bad it can be, and how exhilarating when she obeys is something Donna finds out. This is something I’d never have the guts to do, but the story is incredibly erotic and arousing.

“Tears of All Kinds” by Tess Danesi  Tess visits Victor at a hotel, and he doesn’t waste any time tying her down to a table and bringing out the razor blades. It’s an encounter filled with fear, tension, and fucking, intererrupted by the inevitable. This story is probably the most tense, yet most arousing story in the book. It doesn’t involve Dar (a frequent character in Tess’s stories), but it’s incredibly well written and hot

If you haven’t read this type of erotica before or don’t practice a bit of bondage in your own life, you might find the milder stories in Pleasure Bound appealing. Or you may be surprised by how much the harder stories turn you on. For myself, I much preferred the ones where the woman was submissive rather than dominant, and there were a few that I though would be fun to play out.

Join the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club on the EdenFantasys forums on November 30, 2010, when Bottoms Up and Pleasure Bound will be discussed with host Kristina Wright. If you’d like to pick up your own copy of Pleasure Bound, you can get your copy at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below.

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Hot Blood for Cold Nights

I’m a sucker for vampires. Since I first saw Bela Lugosi as Dracula, I was smitten with the good looks, suave demeanor, and outright sex appeal the vampire had in film. Sure, there were vampires that weren’t so alluring, like Count Orloff in Nosferatu, but Christopher Lee knocking on my window late at night? I’d let him bite my neck. Introduce me to the vampire twins from Vampire Circus? That’d be some wanton orgy of sex and blood. These vampires practically had sex appeal dripping from their pores.

For me, vampires and sex go together like coffee and cream, a warm wet tongue and a clitoral orgasm, a good g-spot toy and squirting– you get the idea. Since it’s October and Halloween is just around the corner, I was salivating for a few good vampire stories to read, so I was excited to pick The Sweetest Kiss – Ravishing Vampire Erotica for my Sexis Naked Reader Book Club selection this month.

The Sweetest Kiss was published in 2009 by Cleis Press. This is an oversized paperback, with 210 pages featuring 19 stories and a short about the authors section. D. L. King, who edited this collection, publishes and edits a review site called Erotica Revealed and has authored two novels. Her short stories have appeared in many erotica collections. The book is set in easy to read type.

The vampires here, for the most part suck. And bite. And are erotic as hell. They aren’t wimpy, sparkly, or nice: instead they’re strong, sensual, cruel, and hot. These vampires mix bloodletting with orgasms, and pain with pleasure, and the result is often quite arousing. The stories span the times, from the French Revolution to the modern day, and there’s a good mix of both female and male vampires. Most of the sex involves heterosexual couplings.  Some of the stories feature mortals who want to die, while others just want to live. And love forever.

I really enjoyed most of the stories in this collection, although one or two were a bit melancholy like “Devouring Heart” by Andrea Dale. A few of the standouts:

“The Temptation of Mlle. Marielle Doucette” by Anna Black Set during the French Revolution, Marielle was accused of being a counterrevolutionary. Rescued from prison by the mysterious Armand, she finds herself at the chateau of the monster Chretien Girardin. Marielle had thought prison was the worst that could befall her. Free to leave, however, she finds a reason to stay…

“Kiss and Make Up” by Lisette Ashton Dracula’s gift is to absorb some aspect of his meal’s personality, and this night he’s feasted on philosophy students. Bob and Drac’s consort Linda have fed their appetite for blood as well, but Bob has another appetite to satiate, and Linda’s quite willing since she’s had a fight with her amour. But how will Dracula react if he finds them coupling in the graveyard?

“Red by Any Other Name” by Kathleen Bradean A sultry dominatrix meets her vampire in a sex club. She can read his thoughts, and the mantra of the different words for red runs through both their heads. She’s stopped for a particular surprise along the way, but will the scene they enact end the way either expects?

This is quite a good collection if you enjoy reading about vampires and ravishing sex, and great to read in bed before you shut out the lights. And dream.

If you’d like to get your copy of The Sweetest Kiss, you can pick one up at EdenFantasys by clicking the widget below. Read, savor the vampires, and join the Sexis Naked Reader Book Club discussion on the forums at EdenFantasys October 26 with host Kristina Wright.
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Book by Various Authors
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Publisher: Cleis Press Inc.
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This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review.  This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.