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Heavy Metal

I love anal plugs, and I particularly like metal ones. Other materials are nice, but metal plugs have that added feeling of weight that plugs made of other materials just can’t match. Most of the metal plugs I’ve seen have lovely designs. The Luxotiq Anal Plug is no exception.

This plug comes packaged in a pretty white and pink box with Luxotiq written on the top in script. The box is nice enough to be given as a gift. Untie the pale pink ribbon and lift the lid, and the plug is nestled inside on a bed of white satin over foam. Included in the box are a soft pink cloth for drying the plug and a small card with information on care.

The plug is made from surgical grade stainless steel, which is non-porous, phthalates free, latex free, and hypoallergenic. It has no smell or taste, and is very easy to clean. It can be washed with soap and water, and dried with a soft cloth. Abrasive cleaners should never be used as they will scratch the finish. It can be disinfected by boiling or running it through the dishwasher on the top rack, and shouldn’t water spot. Water-based, oil, and silicone lubricants are all safe to use.

I haven’t found after cleaning that it retains any kind of scent from use. It can be stored safely in the box it comes in, or another type of padded bag can be used.

The Luxotiq plug is probably the heaviest plug I own, even heavier than my Njoys. It has a beautiful design with rounded edges and curves that beg to be enfolded by your body. It could probably be set out with no one being the wiser as to what it was.

It’s not as large as it looks in the pictures, and is smaller than a pop can. It is 4 3/4″ long, with an insertable length of 4 1/2″. It is 1 3/8” wide at its maximum diameter. The head is easy to insert with a liberal lube application. The larger bulb may take a bit of warm-up.

The neck narrows down to 1/2” before flaring into the base. I had no trouble with this staying in place, or coming out when I didn’t want it to. It can be worn out, but because of both the plug and base shape, I didn’t find this as comfortable to wear out and about as other plugs. It was fine for wearing around the house and during sex, however, and I never forgot it was there.

This is truly a beautiful and functional plug. It’s a joy to look at and a pleasure to use.

If you like a firm, heavier plug that isn’t too large, this is one to look at. I purchased mine at EdenFantasys, and you can too by clicking here.

product picture
Butt plug by Luxotiq
Material: Stainless steel

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