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Summer Loving!

summerfrontSummer Loving is an anthology put together by the fabulous Alison Tyler, featuring 20 hot and steamy stories for your reading pleasure. This anthology benefits the lovely Sommer Marsden (all profits go to Sommer and her family), and you can read more about how it came about here.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have my story, “Hot as Ice” included in this collection!

The full table of contents is:
Foreword: Angell Brooks
Moon Lovers by Donna George Storey
Housework Can Wait by Sophia Valenti
Heat Upon Heat by Lucy Felthouse
Fireworks Display by Emerald
Summer Surrender by Jodie Griffin
Tell Me by May Deva
Summer Lightning by Teresa Noelle Roberts
To Hell with Sunset by A.M. Hartnett
The Chaperone by Primula Bond
Hot as Ice by Sammi Lou Thorne
Protection by Elise Hepner
An Oven on Broil by Tenille Brown
Summer in December by Tamsin Flowers
Splash by Kathleen Delaney-Adams
Hot Tomato by Thomas S. Roche
Arizona, Ireland, New England by Cheyenne Blue
Baby, It’s Hot Outside by Delilah Night
Summer School by Rachel Kramer Bussel
Night Swimming by Justine Elyot
When In Nice by Alison Tyler

Summer Loving is available at Amazon.com (in both paperback and kindle formats), as well as SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo . I hope you’ll pick up a copy!

Want to Make a Bet?

I’d been looking for some new erotica to read, having just finished a novel and several collections, and I love exploring new writers – some of my favorite novels of the past few years were picked up on a whim – so I was excited when I found the stories of I. M. Telling.  His website lists his currently available books, which cover topics including swinging, cuckolding, bondage, open marriage, and interracial relationships, and they can be found at many retailers, including the iTunes Store, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, in print, Kindle, and Nook formats. The author provided me with a copy of The Wager for free in exchange for this review.

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An Affair to Forget

Ever want to travel and see the world? I have. I haven’t been that many places really, either inside the US or out. A lot of destinations call my name, though, places I’d want to escape to with my partner for our own private, or not so private, erotic getaway. This is, in a sense, the premise of Foreign Affairs (Erotic Travel Tales), one of the August selections of the Naked Reader Book Club – getting away and experiencing the culture of an unfamiliar place or a place you don’t call home, and maybe having a sexual encounter while you’re at it.

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