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The Red and The Black

Wrist cuffs are fun, but there are times you only want your ankles attached to something. I have trouble with how small some wrist cuffs are to actually use them on my ankles, so I thought I’d give the Kink Cuffs for Ankles by KinkLab a try.

The cuffs come in a cute, round cylinder with a black pull-off lid. The lid has a strong seal, but by pulling the loop in the center and holding on to the sides, the top whooshes off and the cuffs are released. The front paper in the canister has a picture of the product, with some information about the cuffs.

The cuffs are quite pretty, and in my favorite color combination of late: red and black. They are made of webbed black nylon underneath, with an attached leather strap on top. The nylon is 12” long and 2” wide, and the leather is 14” long from strap end to buckle. This piece is 1” wide, fine grained on the top, and unfinished (suede-like) on the bottom. Each cuff has a D-ring and a buckle closure.

The leather is attached to the nylon by 4 rivets, which go through to the backside of the nylon. Two rivets hold the buckle to the piece, while the D-ring is held on between the other two. The leather has 11 buckle holes, spaced 3/8” apart. The cuffs adjust to fit ankles from 6” to 11” in circumference. The cuffs are non-locking, and easy to remove when done with play. They buckle securely and are not easy to pull off during use.

The cuffs can be cleaned by wiping the nylon with a wet washcloth and patted dry. Take care not to get the leather too wet. Both the nylon and leather are resistant to tearing or creasing. I like to store these in their canister, but you can also lay them flat in a drawer.

We really enjoyed these cuffs. We play moderately hard, and we had no problems with the cuffs staying in place. I didn’t find them to chafe or rub against my ankles painfully, nor did they trap lots of sweat underneath. They worked well when attached to a spreader bar or to each other, and they were comfortable for long-term wear. They’re even large enough for my husband’s ankles, although I don’t think he’ll be wearing them much.

These were a great choice for us. While we purchased these solely as ankle restraints, they’d also work for larger wrists.  These would also be a good choice if you don’t need locking cuffs.  They are well made and should last for a long time.

I purchased these at EdenFantasys, and you can too by clicking here.

product picture
Ankle cuffs by Kinklab
Material: Leather / Nylon

This product was purchased from EdenFantasys.  This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.