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HNT: Shiny and Gold

There’s something about a shiny collar.  This one I think is pretty, although I wish it had a ring in the front.  I do like all the rhinestones.  Now if only I had more to wear this with than just a pair of gold shoes…

HNT: Pretty In Pink

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I got several new collars. A few black, but also a few in some fun colors and with accessories to match. This one I really like, even though I’m not a major pink girl. It’s a nice color, and it’s comfortable. Plus, it matches a few pairs of shoes. Enjoy!

HNT: A Bit Stricter

I got several new collars recently.  I got some in more unusual colors, but also 2 in basic black.  This one I really like – it’s a combination collar and nipple clamps.  Nothing quite like black leather!

HNT: Rhinestones

I love collars, but sometimes I like more of a choker.  This one is black satin, with a rhinestone buckle, and I think it looks pretty nice.  Let me know what you think!

HNT: Slave…

…on occasion.  But I find myself wearing a collar of sorts when we’re having sex, and this one seemed appropriate.  I like how thin it is, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a ring.