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Seven Minutes To Heaven

Rabbits are peeking out everywhere, and while they may seem more for spring, they’re definitely worth checking out this Christmas holiday season! This week, I had the pleasure of trying out the Envy 7, one of 12 toys in the Jopen Envy line, which Jopen sent to me for free in exchange for a review.

envyboxThe Envy 7 from Jopen, which has a one year warranty, comes in a sturdy black box with a pink color wave on the front. On the back is a picture of the toy along with a description of its features. The box has a magnetic lid, and flips open, making it suitable for storage. Inside are the toy and a USB charging cord resting in foam, as well as a booklet explaining care and use.

envyinboxThis rabbit vibrator is only available in pink – and it’s a rich, bright color. The toy is made of firm silicone, which is smooth and has very little drag to the surface.  It’s on the smaller side for rabbits: just 7 1/4″ long overall, and it has a flat bottom so it can stand upright.

envyinhand2The Envy 7’s shaft is about 4 1/2″ insertable. The head has a gentle taper, and widens to 1 1/2″ before narrowing closer to the base. It’s completely smooth, and has a gentle curve to hit your G-spot during use. One of the Envy 7’s motors is located in the shaft’s head. The shaft is firm, and doesn’t flex.

Like traditional rabbit vibrators, the Envy 7’s clitoral arm has a bunny shape, complete with ears, although it’s quite stylized. The arm is 2 1/2″ long and 1 1/4″ wide at its widest point. The clit arm also has a motor for strong vibes where they’re needed. The arm can flex outward a bit from the shaft, but it doesn’t have a wide range of movement.

The motors can run separately or together, but if both are turned on, they will have the same pattern.

envybottombuttonsThis is a rechargeable vibrator. The charging jack slips into a small hole on the bottom of the base, and then the Envy 7 can be plugged into a computer or wall USB charger. Charging is quick: it’s fully charged in just 2 1/2 hours. The Envy 7 will run for about 45 minutes on high, and up to 2 1/2 hours on low. LED lights will flash red when charging, and will go out when charging is complete.

envybottomlitThe Envy 7 has a locking feature, making it great for travel. It arrives locked – to unlock, simply push both bottom buttons for about 4 seconds. The Envy 7 will briefly buzz to indicate it’s been locked or unlocked.

This rabbit vibrator has 3 buttons for control: one below the clit arm on the base, and two on the bottom of the toy. The front button can be used once the toy is turned on – it controls which of the motors are on, either just the shaft, just the clit arm, or both.

envyfrontandbotbuttonsThe two bottom buttons are labeled “I” and “F”. The “I” button is to the left when the Envy 7 is inside of you, and the “F” button is to the right.  To turn on the Envy 7, press “I” once. The vibrations will start out low and steady. By pressing and holding the “I” button, the strength of the vibrations increase, up to very strong and thuddy, not buzzy. Pressing the “F” button will cycle through the 7 various pulsing and escalating patterns the Envy 7 has.  The buttons will glow with red LED when the Envy 7 is on.

Envy 7 also has something cool –  a memory chip to resume the last function used. Simply press the “F” button when the vibrator is off, and it will start up where you left off, so no more hunting for your favorite setting. You will have to hold down the “I” button to get the intensity up to speed – the chip remembers the pattern but not the strength.

envyshaftandrabbitThe vibrations on high are nice and deep, both in the clit arm and in the shaft. They’re also pretty quiet, so any background noise will mask the use of the toy. The Envy 7 is completely waterproof, so it’s great to take with you into the tub.

This is an easy to clean vibrator: wash with mild soap and water, or use a toy cleaner or wipes. Once dry, it can be stored in its box along with its charging cable. Water-based lubes are recommended, but if you prefer silicone lube, do a spot test towards the bottom of the base first.

envysideviewSo, Did It Work? This is one powerful rabbit! I love the motors the Envy 7 uses – they’re rumbly and strong, in both the shaft and the clit arm. I enjoyed most of the patterns, and once I found one I wanted to use, I liked being able to increase the intensity. The curve of the shaft hits my G-spot dead-on, and the vibrations are perfectly targeted on it for me. The charge life is decent – enough for about 2 sessions for me, and the recharging time is fairly short.

The buttons on the bottom can be a bit trial and error at first – until I had the location down, I would change patterns or turn the Envy 7 off unintentionally, but after a bit I was able to get the pattern that I wanted and pump up the vibrations. There’s no way to decrease the vibration except by turning this toy off and then back on, but that can be done fairly quickly. I really love the memory feature – it lets me start out with the pattern I like the most.

The button on the shaft didn’t do much for me – with rabbits, I prefer to have both parts vibrating, and running either the clit arm or shaft separately doesn’t do anything for me.

The only thing that would really improve this one is having the clit arm be just a bit more flexible, allowing it to have a wider angle out from the shaft. It fit me comfortably, but just a 1/2″ more would have been ideal for me.

Thank you to Jopen for sending me the Envy 7 for free to review! If you’d like to stuff your stocking with this powerful and compact rabbit, you can pick one up at SheVibe by clicking on the widget below. And don’t forget to check out Jopen on Facebook and Twitter!

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

Merry Christmas!

Today was a wonderful day – snow on the ground, loved ones around, and everyone enjoying the day’s activities. I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

My Holiday Picks from Babeland!

Tis the season for shopping! Today my list comes from Babeland.com, who has a Holiday Gift Guide with lots of great items. I hope Santa thinks I’ve been good enough (or bad enough) to consider my list!

I want the Minna Ola the most.  The squeeze technology looks like fun, and since it has a memory? That would be promising indeed.

I love getting and giving massages, too, and the JimmyJane Little Afterglow Sampler Set looks like just the thing to relax with and start the evening off right, while getting to try 6 different scents of these great massage candles.

The cutest item on the list has to be Santa Duckie, one of the I Rub My Duckie series. He’s all decked out in his red Santa suit and comes inside an ornament. He’s one of the few on the list that I have, and one I’ve given to a few close friends.

Make sure to check out the Holiday Gift Guide at Babeland.com and find that gift you’ve been looking for!

HNT: Christmas Cheer

This has been an incredibly busy year! Especially right now, with so much going on. I’m working on my New Year’s Resolutions and finishing up making all my gifts and baking the last cookies. I found this picture that I used for a review a while back, and thought it was great for this time of year. I hope you like it!

A Merry Christmas Toy

When I first saw the Candy Cane glass dildo from Don Wands, I wondered who would buy such a thing. I mean, really, a glass candy cane? But as Christmas came around, I looked at it again, and thought it would be a cute accompaniment to some Christmas Eve sex and a sexy Santa outfit.

The Candy Cane is very cute. It comes in a simple plastic easy-to-open package, and is accompanied by one of Don Wands’ wonderful plush and poofily-padded storage bags that fits the Candy Cane nicely.

This dildo is made of clear tempered glass with a red “ribbon” in the glass for the stripes. This ribbon runs around the cane in a continuous line. Tempered glass is smooth, non-porous, phthalates-free, and hypoallergenic. The glass is shatter-resistant, but should always be checked for chips or cracks before and after use. It can be used for temperature play by running it under warm water or putting it in the refrigerator (but never put it in the microwave!)

The Candy Cane can be cleaned by using antibacterial soap and water, or your favorite toy cleaner. It can also be boiled or run through the dishwasher on the top rack to disinfect it. If you plan on sharing it, though, please use a condom. Water-based, silicone, and oil lubricants are all safe to use, and just a little lube goes a long way to make the Candy Cane super slick.

This is a surprisingly discreet sex toy if it’s around Christmas. It can be hung on the tree (make sure it’s far enough back so it doesn’t fall and break), or laid out on the table with other holiday decorations. If you have a lot of Christmas knick-knacks it will fit right in.

The Candy Cane is about 7 1/2” long, with 6” insertable from the stem end. The other end can only be inserted an inch or 2 due to its curve. The Candy Cane is only 1” in diameter, so it’s easy to slide in.

The cane is safe to use anally, even without a flared base, as the curve makes it unlikely to slip all the way in, and either end can be inserted. The rounded handle end makes it easy to hold onto and thrust, but be careful not to thrust too hard, especially if using on a partner, so you don’t bruise them.

This is a fun way to spice up your holiday play!

I bought this toy on my own dime.  You can too, at EdenFantasys.  Have some fun this Christmas!

product picture
Glass wands by Don Wands
Material: Tempered glass