Wicked Wednesday: Betrayal

Constantin Somov [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What was it that betrayed me?
Was it that look in my eye
That hinted at the sadness
And the secrecy inside?

Was it something that I said
That came out vague and imprecise?
What should have sounded loving
Instead sounded cold as ice?

Was it how I tensed, unthinking,
When you held me in your arms?
The language of my body
Giving off soundless alarms?

I tried my best to hide it
For deep down I do love you,
But as you’ve stayed still and stagnant
I have grown and changed anew.

I’m not sure you’ll forgive me,
Though you know I hope and pray,
That maybe you’ll absolve me
and we’ll last another day.


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One response to “Wicked Wednesday: Betrayal

  1. There’s a tinge of sadness here that I really like. Great poem.

    Rebel xox