TMI Tuesday: Let’s Get Down To Business


Baldi Hot Springs, Costa Rica ©2017, Sammi Lou Thorne

1. Should romantic gifts be memorable or do they have to be useful?
While they can be either, or both, I think the best romantic gifts are memorable.

2. How would you like to spend a special day with your significant other?
At a fun, romantic getaway, where we could swim, and enjoy new foods, and be waited on when we weren’t madly fucking the time away.

3. Is celebrating Valentine’s Day dated and melodramatic?
Not really. It’s kind of a fun day for a small gift, or a nice excuse to go out to dinner and a movie.

4. What place would you like to visit with:
– your best friend? Universal Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Florida. I think that would be an absolute blast.

– your significant other? I’d love to take him to Costa Rica, to the Baldi Hot Springs, and then spend a few nights at the Hotel Villas Lirio. They were truly magical places, and great places to be romantic.

– your parent(s)?
If I could, I’d like to take them to DisneyWorld. They never went (although they’d been to Disneyland), and I think they’d really enjoy some of the things there, especially over Christmas.

5. Overall would you say your past romantic relationships resemble a:
a. horror film
b. mystery thriller
c. romantic comedy
d. porn
e. drama
Hmmm…I’d say a mix of c and d.

Bonus: Are you in a rut? How so?
I am. Or I have been. Things have been the same thing every week for quite a while, and I need to shake that up a bit.

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