TMI Tuesday: This One or That One

pile of greek money

By Old_greek_money.jpg: Jon Eben Fieldderivative work: Andrzej 22 (Old_greek_money.jpg) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Choose what you most desire or would like to have or try?

1. Pilates or HIIT? Why?
Pilates – I’ve never tried it, but I’d like to.

2. Spouse or significant other-lover?

3. Go clubbing or entertain friends at home?
I like both, but I’ll pick clubbing.

4. Maybach sedan or Mercedes G-class SUV
That SUV is pretty ugly, but it would be way more useful than the sedan.

5. Soccer or Golf?
Do I have to pick one? I guess if it’s something I’m going to do and not watch, I’ll go with golf, but I could easily pick neither.

6. Basketball or baseball?
To watch, I’d pick baseball. To play, I’d pick basketball.

7. Monster or Red bull? Why?
I have no idea – I’ve never had either one. I guess the one with the best taste and most caffeine?

8. Office with a view or work at home?
Oh, definitely work at home. I think the view would be just fine from my home office window.

9. Early bird or night owl?
I’m a night owl at heart.

10. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
I guess if I was going to have one or the other, it’d be a girlfriend.

11. Ice cream or gelato?
Definitely ice cream.

12. Silver or gold?
I’m partial to gold.

Bonus: Money or fame? Why?
Money for me. Fame doesn’t always lead to money, and can lead to notoriety. But with money, and lots of it, I could make more money and have what I wanted.



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One response to “TMI Tuesday: This One or That One

  1. Yup, fame is fleeting (and addictive) – much better to have money IMO