TMI Tuesday: Sexy

model in pink bra and panties

By Lies Thru a Lens (For All That I Could Not See) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

1. For you, what is sexy time?
Sexy time is when I can dress up – doesn’t matter in what, really, even be nude – and feel sexy and desirable. And then, of course, some hot and hardcore fucking.

2. If your best friend asked, “Do you think I’m sexy?” What would you say?
I would say yes – because she is, and she’s confident about it.

3. If your Mom or Dad asked, “How’s your love life?” Would you answer? What would you tell them?
I’d answer, and tell them fine. But I would be surprised, as they never, ever asked me that, and I can’t imagine they would.

4. A young 8-year-old neighbor asks you, “What is the birds and the bees?” How do you reply?
I would probably direct them to their older siblings or parents. People are touchy about others telling their kids anything about sex – no matter how innocuous it might be.

5. What would you do if your lover’s turn on is your turn off?
Hmmm…well, it would depend how much they needed to be turned on. If it was really something that I couldn’t handle and made me not want to have sex, we probably wouldn’t be lovers, as the key to that is pleasing and turning on each other, not making the other one ice cold.

Bonus: What does it mean to be a man?
That’s tricky to answer, as I’m not one. But I’d say loyal, hard-working, sexy and macho all rolled up into a lovable person.



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One response to “TMI Tuesday: Sexy

  1. Nice answers – as is your pic selection. I must try that agency.