Wicked Wednesday: The Year 2517

graffiti of a sexy robot

By Zarateman (photo) (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

In a  year far away, twenty-five seventeen,
I imagine that sex may be odd.
It won’t be the same that we have here and now,
And I think I would feel quite awed.

Just think if you wanted attachment-free sex,
and that sex was as close as the phone.
You could call up a robot who’d be there by six
so you wouldn’t orgasm alone.

Your robot would come in a tube in your house,
and be programmed the way you desired.
The sex would be hot and he’d fuck you all night
And fulfill your desires as required.

Imagine a cock that stayed rock hard until
you just couldn’t have sex any more.
He’d allow you to rest and then fuck you again
and he’d never feel it was a chore.

He’d be well equipped with a vibrating tongue
that would feel wet and slick on your clit,
and he’d make you keep cumming again and again
until spent you would ask him to quit.

Now maybe you’d rather have virtual sex
in a room with a hologram deck,
You could program the room for your wildest desires –
the music, the people, the set.

All your twosomes and threesomes and foursomes and more
could take place in a jungle or bar
You could fuck anywhere you could think of and your
imagination could go wide and far.

If you really desired a human’s true touch
on your lips and neck or deep inside,
Your bedroom would be an oasis of lust
and you’d go on a real wild ride.

Your bed would be air, and you’d hover and float
while you fucked to your heart’s desire
And you’d rest on the air before fucking again
And your passion would reach even higher.

You’d have so many options for mind blowing sex
in the year twenty five seventeen,
A wide open menu of fantasy, love, and
delights like you never have seen.



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2 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: The Year 2517

  1. Sounds to me like it would be worth travelling to 2517! I love this!

  2. Can’t they give us robots and holograms like that right now? Sounds exciting!

    Rebel xox