TMI Tuesday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

By National Library of Ireland on The Commons (Flickr: Happy St. Patrick's Day!) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By National Library of Ireland on The Commons (Flickr: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. You found your pot o’ gold. How much is in the pot? What will you do with your gold?
Can it be bottomless? I can’t come up with an exact dollar amount, but enough to make me happy until the day I die. I would probably splurge on a few new things (house, car, private island), and then save what I didn’t spend for a rainy day.

2. Some things get better with age, have you? What specifically has gotten better?
Hmm…yes, I’ve gotten better, except for my memory. I think I’ve gotten better with managing and being in touch with my feelings, and better pursuing what I want in life.

3. Are you above average or below average?
I would say I’m above average.

4. What was the last romantic act you did for someone? Did they appreciate it?
The last romantic thing I did for someone was write something for them….and I think they appreciated it.

5. Think back to your very last argument, whose fault was it?
I suppose it’s always my fault….

Bonus: I have an overactive _libido_ .

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