Wicked Wednesday: Interviews

cleavage Tailored black pinstripe suit, classically cut, the skirt barely above the knee with a slit in the back…black silk blouse, cut to show just a hint of cleavage….delicate gold chain with a small pendant gracing the neck…small gold hoops in the ears…nylons, sheer enough to be invisible….just the right heel-height pumps, to elongate the legs….I am here for my interview….dressed to impress….armed with answers and self-confidence….and as I walk out afterwards, I wonder if the slight sway of my hips will sway your decision….and fuel your fantasy….



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3 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: Interviews

  1. Can I hire you?…like right now?


  2. I think I might stumble over my questions faced with that glorious sight!!

  3. That is a very sexy photo. If you come to an interview like that, I will give you the job 😉

    Rebel xox