Wicked Wednesday: The Key

keysAlice tried to remember who had given her the key…she examined it, nestled amongst the others on her chain, its silver gleaming, not dull or worn….she rubbed it between her fingers, feeling the hard, cold metal, and the tip of one finger traced the dips and valleys that would unlock the yet unseen door.

She closed her eyes and a memory took shape behind her lids… he had been hard like the key, in her hand…between her fingers…deep inside her…she leaned back in her chair, her free hand reaching down inside her pants, tracing circles on her clit as her other hand continued to caress the key.

The memories came back….his breath, hot on her skin, her nerve endings on fire as he kissed his way down her throat….lingering on her nipples, sucking each one into his mouth as his hands grasped her ass…her stomach trembling as he kissed her belly button, then went lower…and she spread herself to him.

Alice’s fingers rubbed faster, and she grew wet as memories of him flooded back….and when she came, she cried out his name… When her breathing steadied, Alice opened her eyes and knew she’d be using the key that night.


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3 responses to “Wicked Wednesday: The Key

  1. very exciting. Thanks for sharing

  2. Short yet oh so wicked.

  3. I love how you paint a sexy picture with very little words 🙂

    Rebel xox