The Window To The Soul

This summer I’ve been reading a lot of genres that I haven’t in a while. Having just finished I. M. Telling’s The Slave Factory: Total Power Exchange, the author provided me with a copy of his newest book, In The Eye Of… , a real departure in subject matter for me, for free in exchange for this review.

InTheEye_NEW_FULLIn The Eye Of… was published in 2014 by Late Night Publishing. It’s 315 pages, and is available in both paperback and digital formats from both Amazon and Smashwords.

In The Eye Of… tells the story of a the Washington family at a critical time in their lives. The story begins when Phillip visits Reverand Johnson at the Baptist church to talk about a change in his life. Phillip had met his wife Nadine under sad circumstances twenty years before, when he had to break the news to her that her husband, and Phillip’s best friend Johnnie, had been killed overseas in the army. Nadine had been pregnant, and Phillip visited her often to talk or help out, falling in love with her and marrying her against her father’s wishes. It wasn’t that Phillip was a bad man, but he was black, and Nadine was white, and this didn’t sit well. To gain her father Nathan’s blessing of the marriage, Nadine and Phillip promised to not have a child of their own.

Phillip raised Nadine’s daughter Kelly as his own, and the years flew by. Now Kelly had turned 18, and Nadine’s father had died six months back. She felt this released them from their promise not to have children, but Phillip was convinced a promise was a promise and was determined not to break it. Nadine wanted a child badly, and the Reverand helped Phillip to see that having a child now would be the right thing to do.

Although Phillip was ready to have a child with Nadine, fate had other plans.  Nadine’s biological clock was ticking, and soon she and Phillip would realize that they might have waited too long. To have the child they longed for, Phillip and Nadine would set on a journey of discovery with the help of their Reverand, a journey of sacrifice, acceptance, and what was acceptable in the eyes of God.

In The Eye Of… is quite a departure from the books and stories I’ve read of I. M. Telling’s before. Instead of a strong sexual component (there are sex scenes, but these don’t drive the story), the book focuses on the ethical and moral dilemmas a family faces when trying to conceive a child. The story line is intriguing, and does make you pause and consider if you’d make the same choices this family did, from the initial promise to the final decisions. Some readers may be a bit uncomfortable with the choices the Washingtons make..

Thank you to I. M. Telling for sending his newest book to me for free to review! If you’d like to read In The Eye Of…, you can pick up a copy at Amazon or Smashwords.

This book was provided to me for free in exchange for this unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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