Kink Of The Week: Orgasm Control

By Photos by flipchip / [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Photos by flipchip / [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I don’t have very good orgasm control. I can hold back for a while, but when I have to cum, I have to cum. Trying to hold back, for me, often makes my orgasms much more intense than if I just came when I was ready. If I was told not to orgasm, I could only do it for so long, and then it’d be all over.

Forced orgasms, on the other hand, I do enjoy to a point. WHen I’m bound, I like having a wand making me cum over and over, and being powerless to stop it. But after several orgasms, I really feel like I just can’t have any more. Which of course I can, but they’re so intense at that point that I need a break. They aren’t punishment, by any means, and I don’t think even for a sense of control, but just for satisfaction during play.

I’ve heard that people can cum on command, but I’m certainly not one of them. I can be aroused and dripping at just a few words, but I can’t seem to take it all the way. It’s something I’d like to know more about, but I suspect it’s something I’d never be able to achieve.


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5 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Orgasm Control

  1. I’m like you – deny me too long, or get me to the edge and stop me – and my orgasmic response petty much turns off. The longer I go without, the less I want it. I have had scenes of short duration tho where it was a fun game.

    Now forced orgasms…a whole different matter. Whew!

  2. It is such a personal thing isn’t it!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  3. I enjoy Topping forced orgasm scenes and am not much into denial. As for cumming on command my two co writers at the site have that as part of their personal dynamic. It’s great for them but I”ll just stick with toys and the occasional body part to get the job done. Guess I’m old fashioned that way.

  4. I have been able to cum on command perhaps once or twice, but like you, my favorite is forced orgasm. Like the honesty of not being able to hold out on an orgasm for long, that is a seriously hard thing to do

  5. I just wanted to say GREAT JOB on your blog love it. Keep up the the great work 😉 Love you!!!