Kink Of The Week: Lingerie

Black, with pink pinstripes and lace

Black, with pink pinstripes and lace

I love pretty lingerie, whether it’s lacy bras and panties, or chemises, gowns, or corsets. I don’t wear it all the time, but I do enjoy it.

I love having a pretty bra and matching thong or panties on under whatever I’m wearing to work, whether it’s a t-shirt and jeans, a suit, or a dress. The feel of it against my skin, and knowing what it looks like, makes me feel sexier, more confident, and just all-around better, even though no one knows what I’ve got on. I have bras in all styles and colors, from black and lacy to red and shiny, even multicolored bras, and some push-up as well. I think they go best with thongs, and I have thongs by the drawer full.

photo-8It’s not a necessity to wear lingerie to bed or for sex, but I do enjoy it, and I have quite a wide variety of styles and looks, some with thigh-high stockings and some without.And of course, they go with matching shoes and earrings. I’ve gone through a lot of phases in my lingerie over the years as well. For a while it was form-fitting lingerie that was open-cup, and I had black, red, tiger-striped, and even polka dot outfits like this. All of them had snap-crotches, of course. Next came the short gowns, most in slinky fabrics, in any color combination you can imagine. I like the very short gowns that have garters attached for an extra-naughty look, and I have a very pretty one in purple.

Fishnet lingerie became a favorite for a while, including body stockings and even fishnet dresses. I also have a variety of vinyl lingerie – shiny black short skirts and bras for the most part, although there is that number in red…I also like leather lingerie, in the form of bras, spanking skirts, and teddies….the teddies seem to have  a lot of chains on them…I have sexy lingerie for Christmas, and even a few pairs of chaps for those hard-riding days.

I like to pick out my own lingerie, but it’s also fun when my partner picks it out for me. It can be fun, and a bit of a surprise, to see what he’d like to see me in.

I really do love lingerie, but I don’t need to wear it to feel kinky. It makes me feel sexy, but I can feel just as sexy totally nude, wearing just a pair of earrings. Even though I don’t consider it my kink, I do consider it a lot of fun.


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7 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Lingerie

  1. I have one of those candy canes. I won it here.

    Cool bra too!

  2. Agree with Serafina! 🙂

  3. Very Very nice I do enjoy you in lingerie Love you ; ) P.S. I do like the naughty ones!!!

  4. you fill out that bra- oh so well! and the cane looks so snugly luscious !