I Think About You…

I think about you all the time. In my dreams, you’re lying beside me, caressing me, teasing my nipples and fingering me, kissing me deeply. In the morning, as I soap up my body in the shower, I imagine you entering behind me, taking the soap and lathering me up, then sliding your hands all over my body, squeezing me and holding me tight….you take me from behind and the sound from the water spray muffles the sound of my screams…Getting dressed for work, I imagine instead that I let my clothing drop and join you back in bed, happy and horny…..


3 responses to “I Think About You…

  1. I will join you next time, then we will both stay home & enjoy the day!!!

  2. sounds like a rather delightful and sensual way to start every morning …… 🙂

    even if i were dead tired …… I’D BE UP FOR THAT ! 😀