Kink Of The Week: Biting

I’ve always associated biting and sex with…well, vampires and sex. From the first time I saw Dracula biting the neck of Lucy Westenra, I was hooked, wondering what it would be like to be bitten, to have those pearly fangs sink into the tender flesh of my neck, bringing me to ecstasy…

I’m also a True Blood addict (Team Eric, thank you very much), and good Lord, Eric could bite me anywhere he wanted. And now I’ll hum a bit of Judas Priest’s “Love Bites”…

But, fortunately or unfortunately, vampires aren’t real. While I may fantasize about being ravaged (and ravished) by Eric and his kin, in real life I’d rather my partner not draw blood. He can nip at my earlobes or bite gently on my lip. He can nibble on my neck or nosh my nipples. He can even playfully chew on my clit. But not hard bites, certainly not hard enough to draw blood – I’d rather not have his dental impression emblazoned on my breasts (or anywhere else for that matter). Erotic love bites I enjoy, even if they’re a tad painful, but I draw the line at his drawing blood or leaving a lasting mark. This is one limit he’s more than willing to abide by.

I’ve nibbled on him at times, although I’m limited as to where, and God help me if I use my teeth on his cock. He prefers my tongue and my lips working on him, and would rather I bite down on the gag in my mouth than on his body. And I’m happy to comply.


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8 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Biting

  1. I love the feel of his teeth on me but I would not want him to actually break the skin. I think that might be going to far even for me


  2. sadico_gentile

    I also got hooked when I saw Dracula on PBS, there was something very erotic the way it was presented. Little did I know that there was a sadist underneath my shy exterior. The feeling of flesh in my teeth is such a primal urge and takes me to dom-space very quickly. I recall a play date with a curvy masochist. She was lying on her stomach and I was on top fucking her very hard, it wasn’t until I bit the back of her arm that she went into subspace. I sunk my teeth in her flesh and bit down very hard, she took a gasp of air and was gone for several minutes. I live for moments like that, very memorable night.

  3. Its nibbles for me to – Everywhere!!

    ~Mia~ xx

  4. I loved True Blood..there was and has always been something about biting & vampires & sex all connected in my mind.
    (Team Eric)

    • My partner swears they have porn directors on the set lol – but the whole show is so totally sexy and hot 🙂