Kink Of The Week: Socks

By Raïssa from Entre Paris et la Guadeloupe (My Sock !) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Raïssa from Entre Paris et la Guadeloupe (My Sock !) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Socks can be pretty fun. When I was younger, I had an amazing amount of funky and unusual socks. Purple and sparkly knee-highs, short socks with cows, Space Invaders, barnyards, and other animals, even wild argyles in white and gold. My favorite pair, though, was a pair of knee-high rainbow striped toe socks. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a pair – they take some getting used to, but I like having each toe wrapped in sock.

Wearing socks with sandals is still in fashion, sort of, but usually with sandals that don’t have a toe strap. The last time we were in Disneyworld, though, I did get a pair of socks that were modified to work with these as well.

Now, socks are, for me, mostly just to wear in shoes – I have a pretty big shoe fetish (shoegasms, anyone?), but the sock that goes inside doesn’t matter so much. I have one or two fuzzy socks for wearing around when it’s super cold, but I don’t consider them a fetish. To me, wearing socks during sex reminds me of a visit to the gynecologist…and that’s not a type of play I’m into.


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8 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Socks

  1. I love the socks on your feet in the photo but I could never wear them. They would make me irritable in about 2 minutes. Your reference to the GYN! Yup I get that totally. The nurse says get naked but I always leave my socks on since it is always freezing in the office and I don’t get that either. They know we are taking our clothes off.

  2. I’ve worn toe shoes for running but have never had socks with individual toes. They look cute but I can’t image trying to put them on before coffee.

  3. Haha! I remember those days of funky sock collections. Anybody who had rainbow stripes or crazy argyles was totally “in.”

    • Yep – and I remember the stores in the malls where that was all they sold – just socks, in every variety imaginable. I wonder if they still have those?

  4. I love socks but I forgot to mention that I am not keen on toe socks. They looks adorable on you but I don’t like the way they feel between my toes


  5. I so relate to this. When I was younger I had crazy socks, ornate socks, lacy socks, animal socks, every color under the sun socks. And yes, i even had the rainbow striped toe socks as well as the same sock but with pastel colors. These days I still collect fun socks for wearing around the house (socks with dog faces on the toes) and fun striped over the knee socks for dancing/pole dancing.

    – H