Where Will It Lead You?

The New Year is almost here, and what better way to make it festive than with some lovely, yet functional bondage gear? The Scandal line has a variety of matching items so you can pick what interests you most. As part of the Cal Exotics’ Sexpert program, this month I received for free the Scandal Collar With Leash, in exchange for this unbiased review.

collarandleashboxThe Scandal Collar With Leash comes in a large cardboard box. The front shows a woman wearing the collar, while the back depicts a man wearing the item.  Like the other items in the Scandal line, the red and black pattern of the collar and leash handle is shown on the front and inside of the box.  In the box are the collar and leash, enclosed in a plastic bag.

The collar is black faux leather, or leatherette, on the inside, and is covered with a red and black lace, polyester material on the top. The front and back are stitched together well. The collar is 17 ½” long, and is 1 ½” wide, which I find to be a nice width. On the front is a large, black O-ring that’s secured to the front to a black metal post.  Unlike the cuffs in some of the other Scandal sets, the collar is a buckling collar, and the buckling strap has 6 holes for adjustability – the collar can be adjusted down to about 13” and up to 19”.  The buckling pieces are attached by rivets that go all the way through the collar to the underside. They’re fairly flush with the material and aren’t uncomfortable on the neck. The collar is fairly flexible, and can be worked some by bending it back and forth, to make it more comfortable when worn.

collarandleashThe leash is about 32” long overall. The handle is 8” long, and has black leatherette on the inside and the red and black lace material on the outside. This handle is attached to a black D-ring and secured with rivets. The black chain on the leash is 22” long and the links are ¾” wide. It’s sturdy, and heavy, chain. On the other end of the leash is an easy-to-open clasp that can be attached to the collar

All of the metal is either nickel-free iron (the chain, D-ring, and rivets) or a nickel-free alloy (the clasp and buckle).

The collar and leash are easy to care for. If necessary, the collar and leash handle can be spot cleaned with a damp washcloth and dried. The chain can be wiped off and dried as well. The collar and leash can be stored in a very small space inside a drawer or bag – I’d recommend recycling the box, as it’s very large.

collaronSo, Did It Work? I love the color combination in this line, and I like this collar and leash set. I had expected the collar to be a Velcro closure, since the cuffs in the pieces I have are, but I’m happy that it has a buckle closure.  There’s just something about having a collar buckled on that’s a turn-on in and of itself. It’s also comfortable to wear during our play sessions. I also like that it has a large O-ring in front – it’s easy to attach the leash to, and it’s also big enough for my partner to hook his finger through if he wants to pull me that way.

The leash that this comes with is also nice. Unlike many leashes that I have, this one is heavy, and there’s no doubt when it’s attached to the collar. It’s sturdy and won’t break, and the links don’t seem like they’ll tangle. Having the handle covered in matching fabric is also a plus – it really gives the set a complete look, and it looks hot with the matching cuffs and some black or red lingerie.

Thank you to Cal Exotics for sending me the Scandal Collar With Leash set for free to review as part of the Sexpert program! If you’re interested in the Collar and Leash, or other products in the Scandal line (which include an under the bed restraint set, eye mask, paddle, ball gag, harnesses, hog tie, and a spreader bar), you can pick some up at SheVibe by clicking the widget below.

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. I wish CalEx will let you try the Scandal Over The Door Cuffs also! 😉