Kink Of The Week: Punishment – Real

Titian [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Titian [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We’re not into real punishment. That’s not to say that the punishment that goes on during our play times isn’t real – some of it is downright painful. But it’s all part of our sexual play, not always necessary but sometimes desired. I’m not a pain slut, by any means, but after a long, hard week I will be ornery when I come home. I’ll be annoying, teasing, and downright obnoxious at times, so that when the collar goes on and it’s time to play, I know I’m going to be sorry. Sorry in a pretty good way, and I relish getting these kind of punishments, whether it’s getting my bottom spanked so hard it’s red and sore, or being mercilessly teased towards orgasm and denied until I can’t handle the punishment any more. It turns him on, and it turns me on.

All of that teasing and being obnoxious, however, never results in real punishment. It’s just not our everyday dynamic – and I don’t see how it would fit into our life outside the bedroom. Nor would I want it to. For us, any aspect of punishment is playful at its heart, and it’s sexual and a turn on, not being dealt by one of us to the other as a way to curb and/or change behavior that the other doesn’t like.


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8 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Punishment – Real

  1. We definitely both have a strong play punishment kink however real punishment also features within our relationship


    • We’ve never done it outside of play – it’s one of those things I’m not sure we will. Loved your post, btw!

  2. Ditto what Jade said, our play isn’t for true ‘punishment’ of any sort either. Although, yeah, it hurts and we tend to be in serious-mode about it quite often. I love this topic! So interesting to see how others do “this thing we do.”

  3. Like you I play for fun and have no desire to do otherwise.

  4. This is definitely how it is for us, if our play becomes “punishing,” it is still in the realm of play, and not about behavior modification or punishment for *real.*

    • This was a great topic – it’s been interesting to see how many are play about it, and also how many do it for “real”.