Feed My Frankenstein

freaksinboxesIt’s Halloween! Tonight will be filled with Halloween parties, and of course trick-or-treating. Halloween is a lot of things to different people, and I love this time of year for the proliferation of horror movies on TV. I do love a good monster movie, and I also love the Fleshlight Freaks monster dildos I’ve been reviewing this month! There are five in all, each a different design and texture: Dracula, Zombie, Alien, and Cyborg are the four I’ve reviewed so far this month, and I’ve saved the real monster cock for last: Frankenstein.

frankalone2Like the other Freaks, Frankenstein comes in a black box with spooky green lettering, and it’s showcased through the front window in all its glory. Frank is truly a monster cock – as you can see just by the box size in the picture at the top of this post. It sports a monster length of 10” overall, with about 8” of that insertable. It’s also got a monster girth, which measures about 2 1/8” in diameter. The shaft is somewhat flexible, which makes using Frankenstein a bit easier.

With such massive size, Frankenstein is truly for lovers of, ahem, monster cock. It’s also quite heavy and very sturdy, and perfect to set on the floor and mount.  You can really visualize this attached to the Karloff monster, which you may or may not want to do when you’re riding this.

Frankenstein is made of silicone, in an earthy, muddy green with brown accents. The surface is a bit shiny, and it’s also tacky and squishy, with just the right amount of give. You’ll want to use a fair amount of lube with Frankenstein – a thick water-based lube works well, but you can also use silicone lube (spot test it first towards the bottom to make sure it’s compatible).

frankheadThe entire dildo has wonderful detail, and looks like it was stitched and sutured together from many…er, parts. In addition to the stitching, there are “screw heads” in several places, adding to the assembled look. The balls are large and super thick, and there are two “bolts” above them that really add nicely to the look.

Cleaning is simple: wash with soap and warm water, toy wipes, or toy spray. You can also boil Frankenstein (if you’ve got a big enough pot), or toss him in the top rack of the dishwasher. You might have trouble finding a toybag large enough for this one, so you’ll want to either wrap him up (playing the mummy, maybe?) or stand him proudly on the shelf.

frankinhandSo, Did It Work?  As you probably know from many of my other reviews, I do love a large dildo. When I originally saw Frankenstein, I wanted it in part for the length. Yes, I have a Liberator Wing, which is great to ride, but there are times I don’t want to set it up, and would rather just have the dildo placed on the floor. Frankenstein is long enough to do this with, and I don’t have to sit all the way down on my knees to get it inside me as deep as I’d like.

The texturing on Frankenstein is great – it reminds me most of the Zombie, and I can feel it inside as I slowly slide him in and out. If it’s not on the floor, the balls are easy to hold onto and maneuver the dildo, whether I’m working it in and out, or my partner is controlling the thrusts. It’s certainly a bit of a monster to insert, but a little bit of warm-up and a lot of lube go a long way.

Frankenstein is one of the five amazing Freaks dildos, and it’s shown below (2nd from right) with, from left to right, the DraculaAlien, Cyborg, and Zombie.   I’ve reviewed all five this month, and hope you’ve enjoyed getting a …feel…for this monstrous line.  Happy Halloween!


4 responses to “Feed My Frankenstein

  1. The final monster cock! I think the insertable length on this Freak scares me the most *shivers, grinning*
    These are great additions to any collection. Congrats!

  2. Keep Frankenstein’s monster cock away from me!!!