Dead Or Alive, You’re Cumming With Me

freaksinboxesOctober’s winding down, and I’ve got two more Freaks to go! Fleshlight made five of these cool Freaks dildos, each with a different design and texture, and each fun for the monster-lover in all of us. All five dildos come in a black box with spooky green lettering that showcases the contained Freak through the front. They’re not for everyone, but definitely worth a look if you like unusual, large, and interestingly shaped and textured toys. In case you missed them, so far this month I’ve reviewed the Dracula, the Zombie, and the Alien. Up this time is the unusual Cyborg.

cyborgaloneLike the Alien, the Cyborg is a lovely color – this time a pretty, shiny purple. I tend to think of my cyborgs as more metallic and grey or black, a la Robocop or Terminator – or even flesh colored with metal showing through rips in the skin – but the color is definitely nice. It’s made of silicone, and has a slightly tacky surface. It’s 8” long from tip to balls, with about 6” of that insertable, and it’s wonderfully squishy and flexible.  The base is large, and it’s easy to hang on to. The Cyborg is a thick one, at about 2” in diameter. It’s a bit easier to insert, with it’s pointed yet soft head, than some of the Freaks, but even if you love thick dildos the texture may give you pause.

The Cyborg has by far the highest and most pronounced textured in the Freaks line. Its rather Giger-esque ridges, nodules, and raised areas may have you thinking it’s attached to quite a frightening beast! The head, in particular, has a series of very pronounced ridges on the back, followed by raised ridge areas. The sides and front also feature patterned areas, which you will feel when this is inserted.

cyborginhand2No matter how wet you are, you’ll want to use a liberal amount of water-based lube to make using the Cyborg comfortable (if you choose to use silicone, do a small test near the base to make sure it’s compatible with the Cyborg). This probably won’t be one you vigorously thrust with, but gentle thrusting delivers all kinds of internal stimulation.

Like the other Freaks, the Cyborg is easy to clean with soap and water, toy cleaner or wipes. It won’t corrode if you boil it or run it through the dishwasher, either. You can store it in the box, in a toybag, or standing proudly upright on the shelf.

 So, Did It Work? The Cyborg is a wonderful size – I like dildos that are over the 1 ¾” diameter, and this one is certainly filing. I also love the Cyborg’s texture – although I do have to take this one slow and let myself adapt to it.  It’s pronounced and extreme – probably the most extreme that I have on any dildo in my collection. Since the silicone is squishy and flexible, it’s a lot easier to insert than if it were hard and rigid. I don’t thrust hard with this one, cyborginhandand my partner doesn’t either – if I want lots of texture and hard thrusting, the Zombie is much more comfortable to use – but gently and slowly, combined with some clit stimulation, and the Cyborg brings me to orgasm.

Like the rest of the Freaks dildos, this one can be a bit hard to find, but it’s worth picking up if you see it!

The Cyborg is one of five amazing Freaks dildos, and it’s shown below (center) with, from left to right, the Dracula, Alien, Frankenstein, and Zombie.   I’ve reviewed four of the five so far, and last up will be Frankenstein – stay tuned!


2 responses to “Dead Or Alive, You’re Cumming With Me

  1. That texture is incredibly intricate and I can imagine it feels quite stimulating. Combined with the girth it’s a seriously impressive dildo!
    I like the departure from the metallic grey/black; the purple makes it stand out from other mechanical themed toys and it holds its own with its brothers in the looks department by being a more vivid color.