You’ll Mostly Cum at Night…Mostly


It’s time for my third Fleshlight Freaks review this October! Fleshlight made five of these cool monster-themed dildos in all, each with a different design and texture, and each fun for the monster-lover in all of us. All five dildos come in a black box with spooky green lettering that showcases the contained Freak through the front. They’re not for everyone, but worth a look if you like unusual, large, and interestingly shaped and textured toys. In case you missed them, so far this month I’ve reviewed the Dracula and the Zombie. Up this time is the beautiful blue Alien.

alienaloneThe Alien is probably the prettiest of the Freaks dildos. It’s a beautiful shimmery turquoise blue, with clean lines and light texture. If it were black, it might remind me of the Giger alien, but with its almost cheery hue, it’s easier to imagine it attached to one of the large blue aliens from Avatar.

This dildo is about 7 3/4″ long, with 6 1/2″ insertable, and it’s gently curved from tip to base. It has an unusual look – I know you’re thinking well, yes, this whole line does – in that it’s not round. The Alien features a split head, and the split is evident to about halfway down the shaft.  The split isn’t  like two separate heads straining to be free, but more like a loaf of split-top butter bread. Just split enough to make the head wide and unusual looking. This makes the dildo wider than it is thick. From the front, the Alien is about 2” wide at the base of the head, while from the side it’s about 1 1/2″ thick. The lack of symmetry doesn’t make it harder to insert, but the sheer width may make it difficult for some. You’ll want to slather this cock with lube before trying to take this Alien inside.

alienheadThe Alien is made of silicone, and it has a slightly tacky, squishy surface. It’s got a good amount of give, and it’s very flexible, which should help with insertion. The light, veined texture is not felt nearly as much as it is with others in the Freaks line, since it’s so subtle.  The balls are wide and easy to grip for either gentle or vigorous thrusting.

As with all the Freaks, the Alien is easy to clean with soap and water, toy cleaner, or wipes (and should be cleaned both before and after use). It can also be boiled or run through the dishwasher on the top rack. Plenty of lube is necessary for the Alien – water-based works well, or you can use a silicone lube if you prefer (spot test near the base first). It can be stored in its box (although the box inserts won’t hold up to numerous openings and closings), upright on a shelf, or in a toy bag when not in use.

alieninhand2So, Does It Work?  I can definitely get my freak on with this Freak.  With a slathering of lube, and myself aroused, it’s not too difficult for me to insert. The gentle texture isn’t easily felt or overly stimulating inside, but the width certainly is. And I do love my thicker dildos. I don’t use this one anally, as it’s just too big, but if you’re adventurous, it might prove an interesting experience.

Both my partner and I like the base, as the balls make this easy to hold onto and control thrusting, whether it’s slow and deep or very vigorous.  I’d recommend this one for the design and color, especially if you like larger toys with lighter texturing.

Like the other Freaks dildos, the Alien can be a bit hard to find, but worth picking up if you see it!

The Alien is one of five amazing Freaks dildos, and it’s shown below (second from left) with, from left to right, the Dracula, Cyborg, Frankenstein, and Zombie.   All five will be reviewed this month!


This product was purchased by me with no expectation of review. This review is my opinion, and is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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  1. It’s so pretty! *squeals* If I were going to buy an Freak it would definitely be this one. It’s too girthy for me, but it’s such a gorgeous color 🙂