It’s A Real Hell-Raiser

freaksinboxesIt’s October, which seemed like the perfect time to review the Fleshlight Freaks dildos. Fleshlight made five of them, all differently designed and highly detailed, and all of them are perfect for the monster connoisseur. All five come in a black box withe spooky green lettering and showcasing the Freak through the front.  They’re certainly not for everyone, but if you like unusual and textured large dildos, they’re definitely worth a look.

dracaloneThe last Freak I acquired, and the first I’ll be reviewing, is the Dracula. This large silicone dildo comes in red. Not the bright, shiny, stop sign red, but a deep, dark, glittery, bloody red. Now this may remind you of a few things, some of which have been suggested to me. Personally, I don’t picture Dracula to be…well…bloody. I figure he’s undead, so his cock must be…well, paler. But what this does remind me of a lot is Frank Cotton.

If you don’t know who that is, Frank Cotton is one of the main characters in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. He’s killed by the Cenobites in his lover Julia’s house, and when her husband cuts his hand in the same room where Frank was dragged to the bowels of hell, a drop of his blood seeps through the floor and reanimates Frank. He comes to life in bloody, skinless glory, and Julia has to invite men in for Frank to kill so he can re-form. He’s without skin until he kills his final victim, so he’s a man with his bloody muscles showing, and this looks like what his cock must have looked like, before it got some cover.


dracinhand2That may be a bit too much for some, and may squick you out, but if not, this Dracula cock is really nice to look at, and something you’ll want to sink your teeth into (figuratively). It’s the most normally shaped and textured of the group, although it’s not without texture of its own. It’s made of silicone that has a bit of squish when squeezed, and it has a bit of a sticky surface. The shaft is flexible to bend with you. It measures 7 1/2″ from tip to base (about 6″ of that is insertable), making it one of the shortest in the Freaks line (tied with the Alien), and it boasts a 1 3/4″ diameter. It has a realistic look, with a defined head. The shaft is covered with swirls that resemble bat wings from the side, and the head, balls, and front of the shaft have small dots for texture. The base is firm and easy to grip, and works well to hold onto and thrust with.

dracinhandDracula is easy to clean, and should be washed before and after use. Soap and water work well, as do toy wipes. Drac’s fine to boil for a few minutes or take a bath in the dishwasher for sanitization. It can be stored upright on a shelf, or in a toy bag – the box will work for a while, but the inner plastic is flimsy and is likely to break with repeated handling, plus the box is bulky.  While it doesn’t need to be kept in complete darkness, Dracula doesn’t like to sit out in the sunlight – go figure. An ample slathering of water-based lube is recommended for use – if you prefer silicone lube, test it out near the base to make sure that there’s no reaction.

So, Did It Work? I like this dildo. It’s got plenty of give, and it’s nice and filling. The texture is fairly mild, but enough to feel when I’m sliding it in and out. It’s pretty, in a strange way, and probably most appealing to those who like realistically shaped dildos with extra detailing and in unusual colors. Of course, you’re not going to be looking at it much when you’re using it.

dracheadI like the size and thickness of the base. It’s easy for both my partner and myself to grip and hang on to, and it feels great when my partner grasps the base and thrusts Dracula in me from behind up to its balls. The balls make contact with my clit, which adds to the stimulation. This is a bit on the large size for me to use anally, but vaginally it’s fantastic.

Whether you think of this as a vampire’s cock, or something from Hellraiser, it’s a fun and uniquely designed dildo. It is a bit hard to find, so if you see it pick it up! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

This product was purchased by me with no expectation of review. This review is my opinion, and is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

3 responses to “It’s A Real Hell-Raiser

  1. Great review, thank you!
    I personaly love the red color, but of course I’m cosiderably more interested in blood than in vampires. 🙂
    The Freaks look amazing, alas they’re all far too girthy for me. And of course I can’t forgive Fleshlight for not making a werewolf one. Seriously, what were they thinking? 🙂

  2. A review and a new book to read. Nice!
    It looks very sturdy-they all do-and its texture looks quite noticeable. Good thing is has some give to it 🙂
    You sound pleased with it, but not amazed. Looking forward to the next one!