Kink Of The Week: Voyeurism

Martin van Maële [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Martin van Maële [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I’ve admitted to being somewhat of an exhibitionist, by both writing and posting photos on my blog and other sites, as well as having some fun in public where others can potentially see. But am I a voyeur?

I love to hang out on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and FetLife, as well as forums like AdultDVDTalk, just to name a few. I’m not the most active poster sexually on these sites (although that’s not to say I haven’t done my share), but I do like to “watch”: to read, to view pictures and postings, and to get turned on by what I see and read. Is it secretive? It is in the sense that others on the sites don’t know when or what I’m reading and getting turned on to, it is.

I watch a lot of porn. You’d probably be amazed just how much I watch, in part because I review an awful lot of DVDs, but I love watching porn online as well. Watching porn is a bit voyeuristic, as I’m watching someone getting naked and getting fucked, and they don’t know I’m watching their activities. It isn’t live sex (memorex, maybe?) but it’s something that I’m watching unbeknownst to them. It’s a huge turn on, as it sparks ideas and basically gets me horny as hell.

Neither of these, obviously, involves watching “in the flesh”, so to speak. I haven’t secretly watched anyone getting undressed or having sex. I watch my partner on occasion as he’s getting undressed or masturbating, and he may not know I’m watching at first, but he knows soon enough as I can’t help but join him. There were a few times in college, although that was listening to sex and not watching it… auditory voyeurism, I suppose. I had a pretty horny roommate, and her boyfriend’s dorm room was not as attractive as ours. Either that, or they didn’t care if I heard them fucking like cats on the other bed. Many a night I woke up to them squealing and moaning, and a few times I masturbated while listening to them, but most nights I either tried to go back to sleep or reached up and flipped the radio on to drown them out (and no, that didn’t make them stop – go figure).

While we don’t have play parties here, at least that I’ve ever been able to find, I would actually love to go to one and watch, whether or not it involved explicit sex. I’d consider that voyeuristic, even though it wouldn’t be secretive. It’d certainly be fun.

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4 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Voyeurism

  1. I’d not considered social media as voyeuristic. Very interesting I need to give that some thought to how it or if pertains to me thought I think I’d be more the exhibitionist on that one.

    • I think I’m more of an exhibitionist with it with my blog, but I think I’m more voyeuristic with much of it that I visit 🙂

  2. Robert Shelby Blaisdell

    Hi Sammi