Kink Of The Week: Gags

By Elmo Love (Flickr: Ferrachu. 382) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

By Elmo Love (Flickr: Ferrachu. 382) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

 I’m no stranger to gags. We started way back, before we were into anything very kinky (and even before we owned any sex toys), when I lived in the college dorms. I’m a bit loud when I cum – “bit loud” being rather an understatement, as I could probably wake the dead should they decide to walk the earth again, and college dorm walls are very, very thin. When I cum, I cum hard, and I cum loud. Background noise doesn’t do much to cover my shrieking either. I’ve had to lie, on many occasions, about the sounds coming from my room. Screams? No, that wasn’t me. That was the horror movie we were watching…yeah, right.

My partner used to cover my mouth with his hand to try and muffle me, but I could still scream pretty loud from behind it, and sometimes he wanted his hand free for other things. We’ve used many items, including wadded up panties, handkerchiefs, and his shirts. And then one day we got a gag. A real one, that is, with a bright red ball and leather straps. It muffled me a fair amount, but what it did best was make me incapable of speaking. I can mumble, I can drool, and I can scream into it all I want, while my partner has his way.

I like ball gags. I can bite into them a bit when I need to, and I think they look pretty hot. I’ve had other insertable gags as well, although I’ve never tried an inflatable one. The one thing, however, that my partner doesn’t care for much is that they leave my mouth inaccessible. I don’t care for this much either, as I love to suck his cock when I’m tied down (or tied up, depending on the position). This little problem made me get a ring gag. Not all ring gags are large enough to accommodate a cock, but I did find one that worked, and that I could actually wear for a time (I’m told I have a big mouth, but some of these gags really push my limit). My partner likes it because it keeps my mouth open for him to use when he wants, and if I’m cumming, I won’t (read can’t) bite down. They certainly make me drool a lot more.

I don’t find gags humiliating at all – to me they’re hot and erotic, particularly the ones I have. We don’t always use one, but when my partner brings one out or asks me to choose one to wear, it’s a sign that we’re going to have a rough and kinky night. It makes me wet with anticipation of what’s to come; whether I’m screaming against the ball in my mouth or around his cock down my throat, I like it.

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12 responses to “Kink Of The Week: Gags

  1. I absolutely love how open and straight forward you are about being loud. I’ve had the same problem (people complaining) when we still shared the house with others. Hooray for loud cums!

    When I read others, like you, describing wearing a ring gag, it always makes me want to get one. I just think it would be such a turn-on that he could have me gagged and have his way with my mouth at the same time.

    • Loud cumming is the best – I have a hard time keeping quiet, and it seems much more intense when I can just let go.

      The ring gags are pretty cool – definitely worth checking out 🙂

  2. humm kid of reminds me of someone I know, except we have yet started using gags.
    Great write and I will have to look more int what you have shared.

  3. I’ve never thought about using them simple as a way to quiet a loud orgasm. Hmmm now you’ve got me thinking.

  4. What an awesome post! Loved this: It muffled me a fair amount, but what it did best was make me incapable of speaking. I can mumble, I can drool, and I can scream into it all I want, while my partner has his way. It’s one of the reasons I love gags too – I never thought I’d appreciate drool, but boy howdy do I (especially when I turn the tables and my pet is the one drooling).

    I really liked your thoughts on ring gags, too – especially given my own experiences with them!

    xx Dee

  5. I really enjoyed reading your perspective on this! I wish I could have the same attitude 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. WOW, I really love your positive attitude towards gags. I hope I can become more positive about them too, as that will definitely please Master T.

    Rebel xox